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I have been BIG TIME into art journaling recently. As in, I love it. Maybe I’m loving the idea of it more than actually, you know, DOING it, since I seem to wax poetically about it while the journal sits on my desk WAITING for me to pick it up. I started in like gangbusters back in July, and have done a few pages on & off since then. I can’t leave my supplies out as the short person known as BUG, aka DESTRUCTO BOY, will redecorate my house if left to his own devices. Not that he’s ever left to his own devices when I’m on the computer. Ahem.

ANYWHO, I’m tired of just scribbling in indecipherable … scribbles … in my journals. Using collage and art hadn’t really occurred to me much beyond pasting in some interesting pictures or quotes here and there. But now, I’m ready for bits and pieces of THINGS. Found things. Bits of bark. Grass. Wrapping paper. Magazine clippings. PAINT. Markers. You name it. I used to keep my journals all nice & neat. Can’t break the spine so it won’t close anymore, right? WRONG. NOT ANY MORE. The more crammed and messy it is, the better I think I will like it.

This is a new thing for me. I think it started when I bought a copy of Wreck This Journal. It got me out of my comfort zone and into seeing just about anything as a possibility for art. Since then, I’ve been more open to mixing up my journaling. And I’ve participated in a couple of e-zines about art journaling, which just whet my appetite even more. Now I’m seeking books & art journalers & blogs & putting things into my RSS reader so I can be inspired and amazed at what others are doing.

I’m not anywhere near ready to call myself an artist. Or ARTEEST. Writer, yes. I’m comfortable with that mantle, even though it took quite a few years and an English degree for that to be easily bandied about. But art? This art? New to me. If I could do that and write all day and make a living at it? BLISS.

Let’s work on these things in itsy-bitsy steps, mmmkay?