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Bad days are inevitable

I found out on Thursday that I am officially out of a job in just a couple of weeks. I knew this was coming, but it just wasn’t concrete. Someone has accepted a job offer and that means my time must come to an end.

I’ve had time to get used to it. Hell, I’m the one that gave notice, right? It’s still tough. I worry about being replaced. What if this person is so much better than me that they wonder why this didn’t happen years ago? And why does that matter to me?

I worry about our finances. That steady income was important to me. I’ve never ventured out on my own because I like to plan. I like stability. I like to know what’s coming financially. Oh, and I like insurance, too.

I worry about having to take way too much work just to bring in the money we need. I’m afraid I’ll actually need to work more than 40 hours to cover our expenses. J has offered to work more hours and find an evening job. If he does that, though, how do I get my work done and still feel like I’m giving the boy the attention he needs? more…

Closing doors

I lost a gig this week. It happens. Things come and go. Sites are up, then down. That’s what happens in a freelancer’s world. When something ends, you find another.

I had a feeling it might be coming when we started hearing about scaling back budgets. Again, it happens. Even though you have a feeling something is coming, even though you think you’re prepared, it can still hit you harder than you thought.

So yes, Aisledash is closing August 1st. And let me tell you, the group of women at that site were are amazing. I had so much fun exchanging thoughts, ideas, and just crazy emails with them. And even though I wasn’t a part of the site that long, I met some amazing, hardworking, funny women.

I found myself way more sad than I expected to be. And if I’m sad, then Susan must be even more so. She really put her heart and soul into making that site work. She was a fabulous manager and I only hope that our paths will cross again. Because anyone who cries over her people losing their jobs before she cries over her own? Is alright with me.

I do have other things in the works, so I’m really hoping that it’ll all work out in the end. I think it will.

the terror continues, or, I quit

snuggle bugI just did something I haven’t really done before. I just quit my job. And I don’t have another job lined up either, except for my writing.

I gave my notice at work today. I offered to continue to work until they can find someone to replace me. I’m not sure if they’ll take m up on that. If they do, I could be working part-time for another couple of months. If the business office decides that they would rather keep the cost savings, well, I’m out of a job come mid-June.

If I hadn’t mentioned it, I’m just a little scared. I have some writing, but I haven’t yet lined up enough to replace my income. I’m working on it, though.

But I had to do it. I just had to. My family is more important. It’ll be a struggle in the beginning, but we’ll make it. The smile my little boy gives me each morning more than makes up for it.

So I’m not unemployed, just changing venues. It looks like I’m officially a writer and nothing else. I’m scared, yet excited.