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I took off this afternoon for a little out-of-the-house and alone time. It was sorely needed. I haven’t been out of the house much this week and the one time I was? Doctor’s appointment. And I had to get right back because the boy was with Daddy.

But this afternoon, just before the boy woke up from his nap, I took off. Ran a few errands. Perused Michael’s and the bookstore. And then I picked up dinner and went back home to be with my guys.

A little saner, a little refreshed.

After I walked in the door, the boy was nowhere to be found. Turns out he was playing in the bedroom and didn’t know I was home. After I put down all of my stuff, I called to him.

He came careening out of the bedroom with a huge smile on his face. He ran up to me and I expected him to fling himself around my legs. But he grabbed my hand to lead me back to where he was so he could show me what he’d been doing. And then he wanted to play on our bed (which he loves).

His laughter and smile were the perfect welcome home.


I am thankful.

For family. Good food. A warm home. My job. My coworkers.

For turkey-induced naps. Pumpkin pie piled high with whipped cream. Sage dressing. Candied sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top (heavenly!). Really good gravy.

For my husband. His help in the kitchen, around the house, with our son. His love. His smile. His laugh.

For our son. His giggle. His dimples. His yummy, munchable cheeks and toes. His smile.

There’s so much more, really. That only touches the surface of how blessed we really are. Right now I’m just busy enjoying it. I hope you are, too.

Looking forward

Food, food, food, gotta clean, food, food, vacuum, food, pick up toys, food, food, foo—ooh, something shiny!

That has been my mind today. Planning. Trying to get things done. Hoping I don’t forget anything terribly important. For a large part of the day I ran around the house without sitting. I was afraid that if I sat down I would lose all momentum.

I got a lot of prep done. Probably could have done more, but I was tired. Fortunately, hubby will be helping me in the kitchen so I don’t have to shoulder everything alone. He’s an excellent prep chef (and more, really, but tomorrow he’s working prep) and will probably do a lot of chopping and sautéing for me. If our kitchen were bigger, we could cook together. Instead we’ll be taking turns. One of us at the stove, one at the cutting board. When we can.

Since we have to wrangle the little one and keep him away from the hot stove and flying knives, I think one of us will be out of the kitchen most of the day. Unless daughter shows up early, in which case we can rely on her to entertain the boy. (One can only hope.)

In spite of having a lot still to do (I really only have a head start on one dish), I am looking forward to tomorrow. We haven’t hosted Thanksgiving ourselves before. I get to have the food exactly the way I want it, we don’t have to leave the house, and we get to spend time with family.

That, to me, has the makings of a perfect holiday. And I am grateful. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. I hope your day is filled with love.

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It’s a good tired

I feel like I accomplished a lot today. And yes, I’m one of those people who is happiest when I feel I’ve made progress on something. Anything. It just needs to be progress that I can see. It has to be tangible.

I slept in a whole two hours extra today. Wow. Living on the edge.

You know what, though? This holiday we’re going to be surrounded by my hubby’s side of the family, which doesn’t happen too often. So it’s going to be a good day.

Just as soon as I can get that turkey to thaw. And the kitchen cleaned. And the vacuuming done.

Thank goodness tomorrow’s Wednesday and not Thursday. :)

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Two years – so far, so good

Today is my son’s second birthday. Originally I wanted to write a beautiful tribute to everything he means to me (us).

Instead, I spent time just watching and enjoying him today.

Mid-morning, just before his nap, he sat on his little foam couch next to the toy box, his feet up in the air and resting on the side of the box. He grabbed a piece from his toy garage that is somewhat like a straw and was blowing into it, making noises. He’d pause every so often, throw his head back in glee and just laugh.

If I close my eyes, I can still picture the joy in his face. That big smile with the gapped teeth and dimples. Bright eyes, half closed in the middle of laughter.

That? Is the best part of my day every day. I am so grateful for every minute of the last two years. And I wouldn’t change a thing. Happy birthday, boobah. May you continue to bring joy to those around you.

Gratitude in my Attitude: The beginning


As you may have, ahem, noticed I’ve been struggling. With a lot that I won’t get into right now but may later. Or may not. I’m not sure.

But one of the things that has been bothering me is this: I look at what we don’t have and what isn’t working way too much. It’s enough to make one a wee bit disgruntled. And I’m trying to change that.

So as often as I can, hopefully once a week, I’m going to try to concentrate on what’s good and happy in my life. Remember to have a little gratitude even as we’re struggling. And that brings us to this.

Gratitude in my Attitude.

I need more. Do you? If people express interest, I’ve thought about making it one of those little weekly dealies where other people can post the graphic and talk about being grateful even in hard times. Or good times. Wherever they are at the moment.

So for this first time, I’m grateful for things to look forward to. Even as I worry about work, money, bills, etc., there ARE things to look forward to. I’m trying to remember that and enjoy the antici………… pation of it all. Instead of dreading. I’m a worrier and that is a big step for me.

So anticipation. It’s a good thing.

What are you grateful for right this moment?