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WordPress 2.5

I just installed the newest version of WordPress – 2.5. At first, I was a little confused and didn’t know where to find things. But now I’m digging it. It’s a cleaner design and actually easier to use.

I still need to figure out where everything is, but in the long run the simplicity will be a plus. Too many links tends to overwhelm me. So yes, call me crazy, but I think I may like this dashboard better than EE. Maybe it’s because EE is more CM than I need. But I work in all kinds of CMs in my job, so it’s not like it’s intimidating. More like, frustrating to try and find what I need.

I’m a techie, yes, but not when it comes to the more complicated server stuff. I’m just not used to it and it takes me a long time to research something. And there’s lots of trial and error. Right now, I just don’t have time for all of that trial & error. Nor do I have the money to pay someone a few hundred dollars to do it for me, even if it is a business expense. Other priorities right now. Someday, I would love to just pay someone to take care of everything in the background and allow me to just write. Right now, that’s just a line on the wish list (take a number!).

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