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trying not to let the tired take over

9/365: bonding timeI haven’t been able to get enough sleep over the past week, even with mid-day naps snuggling my sweet boy. Maybe it’s restlessness. Maybe it’s life changes.

Or maybe it’s teething. The boy broke one tooth last week and a second tooth on Monday. He’s really not too grouchy, considering. Just not napping much, running a slight fever until the teeth break, and being a tiny bit whiny. But I know it could be worse.

Like Sunday afternoon, for instance. I think we re-enacted a portion of the exorcist. Baby vomit flying everywhere. You’re welcome.

I felt so sorry for the tyke. Grandma picked him up from his nap, he belched, then spewed. I had been napping (nappus interruptus), but went in the dining room to help. I took the kid, and while Mom cleaned up the floor and table, I cleaned the kid. Of course, just after I got that done, he borked some more.


just chillin’

the baby, resting in his daddy\'s armsThe kid and I spent most of the afternoon under the a/c. It was a tremendous help.

I’m trying hard to relax about all the things going on – work and money. But I’m still stressing about what we’re going to do. We’re trying to work things out. The kid still needs his shots and we have to work out childcare issues. Like I’ve said, he needs some transition into it – he’s never been left with anyone. We thought we could work our schedules out to where one of us was always here. But that causes problems with J’s job.

Daycare is so expensive. We’re talking about half my salary, people. Half! That’s why I wanted to work part-time. It’d be about the same but we could work out the coverage that way. We can’t for full-time work. Not unless J gets a different job or cuts way back on his hours to be home during the day. I’m not willing to ask him to do that. I’m the one who’s not ready to be away from our son. more…

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