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putting diabetes on hold

When I went in for a 2-hour Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) about 2 weeks ago, I was a little nervous. Because I had gestational diabetes, I am at a higher risk of developing Type II diabetes. I called for the test results and one out of three numbers was a little elevated. When that happened during my pregnancy, they put me on a strict diet and I worked with a nutritionist to keep my blood sugar numbers at an acceptable level. I was also monitored twice weekly.

So when I heard that one of my numbers was a little high, I got worried. I went in to see the Nurse Practitioner the next Monday. I had the baby with me, and of course he got hungry while we were there. I was able to feed him when we got put in an exam room. By the time the NP got to us, the baby was sleeping on my chest. The whole hospital is big on breast feeding, and the NP has a 4-month old, so she totally understood. She didn’t mind that I was lying down the entire time we talked.

Yes, I have one high number, she said. However, it can take up to six months before my body really starts returning to normal. She’s more worried about my baseline numbers, the ones in the morning before I eat and before I go to bed. So she told me to go back to checking my sugars. But only morning and night (at least 2 hrs after I’ve eaten). If things are high then, she wants to discuss it more. Otherwise, we’re just going to wait and see.

While I don’t get out of things completely yet, it could be worse. I only have to check twice a day. I don’t have to remember to look an hour after eating. I should be watching what I eat, but not as strictly as I did before. As long as my base numbers are low, then I should be fine.

And that’s a big relief for me. Of course, I’m not 100% out of the woods yet. I’m still at risk. But I don’t have diabetes right now. I’ll take it. It’s a small victory, but I certainly could use it.

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