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i could really use a money tree

As the heat waves approach again, we decided to take drastic measures.

We went to Costco and bought a portable air conditioner. Because our windows slide horizontally, not vertically, a traditional window unit wouldn’t work. Fortunately, this one will. Unfortunately, we had to sit it on a corner of my desk, which is in front of the window.

But I’ve decided I’ll gladly give up some desk space to have a cool room in the house. Our electric bill is going to go up tremendously, we’re sure. Having a happy baby, though, is pretty worth it. He’s quite warm-blooded, just like his daddy. But like me, he doesn’t take the heat so well. Poor kid – that’s a bad combo.

We hung a curtain in front of our bedroom door, to keep most of the air in there. It won’t cool the whole apartment – it’s not that big. So now it looks like we have some sort of boudoir thing going on. Well, it would, except the curtain is just remnant material. With psychedelic frogs all over it. Because we’re all about the sexay here. Um, yeah.

Still, I am sooooo thankful for this darn a/c. It’ll make the summer a lot more tolerable. Even if we’ll be paying it off until next summer.

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