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The Today Show fails again

today show screencapI’m at home with my boy every morning (mostly). I have the opportunity to watch the Today Show, I guess. I tried a few times but I always wind up changing the channel, wondering who their audience is. Because it certainly isn’t me. Really, what do they have to say to a 30-something mom with a split career, two cats, a grown daughter, an infant and a husband? Answer: not much.

So it should come as no surprise at how badly they dropped the ball on their mommyblogger segment. Oh, the taped part wasn’t so bad, except Kristen comes off looking like a remorseless duck thief (she’s not) and Mir apparently is rolling in the dough from her blog (she’s not). But both are hardworking moms and writers. Not enough time was spent looking at that angle.

And then there’s Kathie Lee’s botched interview with Heather Armstrong. A technophobe, interviewing a blogger. Better yet, a woman who has yammered on excessively about her personal life, on national TV no less, who feels that it’s strange to blog about your child. On the internet. Pot? Meet kettle. more…