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Um, thanks for the warning, HealthNet?

Over six months ago, HealthNet lost some hard drives. Well, IBM lost them, but they were HealthNet drives. As in, physically cannot find them, not “lost” as in crashed. And guess what? They had personal info on them! And guess what else? I JUST GOT A LETTER FROM THEM.

HealthNet was notified in January of a potential problem, yet I didn’t get a letter until early August (dated late July, though). Do you know how much damage someone could cause in six months? Yeah.

So while I’m grateful they have set me up with two years of free identity protection, it’s entirely possible that any damage that could be done already has been done.

Now tell me, why in the world do companies wait so long to send out notices?

PS) Stuff like this is why I haven’t written a BlogHer recap, although the rest of the internet apparently has. It’s coming. I think.