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Chicago, here I come… again!

I'm Going to BlogHer '09 The news is here… BlogHer ’09 is going to be in Chicago again! And this time, instead of the Navy Pier (which was nice, btw, but a bit of a hike from the hotels), we’ll be at the Sheraton and Towers. (Wasn’t that formerly the Hilton and Towers?)

It’ll be nice to be back in the midwest again. And this time, I’m hoping to have a chance to putter around Chi-town a bit. Hope I’ll get to see you there!

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Final thoughts on BlogHer – and links!

I had a few awkward moments at BlogHer. Who hasn’t? I was a total dork when I went up to Linda Lee from Parent Dish, babbling about how I knew her face from somewhere and realizing that it was her pic from the site. She smiled and thanked me for coming up and saying hello, but I’m pretty sure I saw a little bit of fear of ‘teh crazy’ in her eyes. Awkward. Having one blogger introduce me to another by asking if we’d met before. Second blogger said, “No. Hi!” and walked away. Awkward. One other blogger asked two of us (standing near each other) if we knew each other. Second blogger: No. Me: Well, we’ve met at past BlogHers. Her: Well, we’ve met but… Awkward.

Is it possible to have a good and slightly bad experience at the same time? Most of the women were cool, fun to talk to, awesome to be around. A couple of people just simply walked away from me. All these years and I didn’t realize I was that boring. Wow. Or maybe something shiny distracted them? It happens. I’ve been known to lose track of my thoughts and forget what I was doing (oh lordy, what has happened to my brain since giving birth? I swear!). I really just want people to like me and (pretend) to be as excited to see me as I am to see them. And you know what? Some of my friends did just that. So I’m trying not to think about the ones that didn’t.

In some ways I feel like this was my worst BlogHer (not the worst, MY worst – there’s a difference). I felt distracted and disjointed. I didn’t connect with as many people as I wanted to, although I did talk to plenty. I felt I had to keep running to check on the child. And at the parties I just couldn’t get around. It was too crowded to navigate with a stroller. And yes, I felt I had to take the stroller. I didn’t think I could carry around a 25 pound baby all evening long. I desperately wanted to mix and mingle like I did in past years. But it just wasn’t possible. And this year, my mommy duties came first. It was the first year for me that I had to juggle stuff like that and I’m not at all sure I managed to do it gracefully. more…

The good and bad of conferencing with a baby

Traveling with a baby sucks donkey balls. I’m just sayin’. There’s really no easy way to go about it, especially when you’re flying solo and your child is too big to carry in a sling for more than 5 minutes.

And babies need a lot of crap, so you pack twice as much – maybe three times as much – crap and then have to lug around said crap.

Yet I am so grateful that I get to go to a conference that is so baby-friendly. I would have missed my little guy terribly had I gone without him. I will do things differently next year, that is certain.

I found I needed child care MORE during the evenings. I didn’t have a backup person with me (like, ahem, some people). I wanted to go to the cocktail parties to see people that I didn’t get to see during the day. Visit a little. Schmooze, if you will. more…

Conferencing can be exhausting

I cannot believe how tired I am right now. I think I’m more exhausted this year than I was last — and I was pregnant then!

Baby was awesome at daycare. He totally rocked it. I checked in several times during the day, and the ladies there just loved him. Said he was golden. He hit a wall around 4.15 or so, which I totally expected. I had stopped in just before that, so I was ready. I fed him then took him out. So I would say that was a successful first day at daycare. Yay!

No way I could do that every day. I missed him too much. It was a nice break, but at the same time, I was constantly thinking about him and worrying about him. He was fine, though. I was the crazy one.

There’s a lot going on. Different vibe this year. I think my favorite year was San Jose, because there was an outdoor area near the pool where everyone could hang out. There’s just not a central hang-out spot here. It makes it a little harder to network and find the people you were hoping to meet. It’s tough to find the perfect venue – the one in San Jose had its own issues, too. more…

Just not ready for this

Ha, you thought this was going to be another BlogHer post, didn’t you? Well it’s not! Sort of. Mostly.

We’ve started my son on solids, and it’s actually going pretty well. And that works well for our trip this week, as he’ll be in day care Friday and Saturday. So solids? Will be most helpful while I’m away from him.

He’s taking to the food quite well. He is like a little bird, opening his mouth just as far as he can, waiting for the spoon to hit his mouth. It’s the CUTEST thing.

So I breastfeed him in the morning and at night, and I’ve been trying to keep him to solids during the day. I thought a partial wean would be just about the right timing for him. But deep down, I’ve been wondering if I’m ready for that. I THINK I am. It would be nice to have my body back. more…

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Something BlogHer this way comes

It’s getting close. BlogHer happens next week. As it approaches, I’m inexplicably nervous.

I’m excited about seeing friends and representing Ask Patty. Juggling the kid and luggage and a stroller by myself and trying to take BART will be interesting, but I left myself plenty of time to handle it.

It’s the social thing. I don’t know if I can adequately explain it without sounding stupid or whiny or any more of a dork than I already am. I love to socialize with people I know. If I see an old friend, I’m more than happy to chat with them. It’s comfortable, to know people. And I will see plenty of people I know. I’m excited about that part. more…