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Old School: Braces Then, Invisalign Now

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored, but the story and opinions are my own.

Did you have braces when you were a kid? I did not, but I probably needed them. Still do, in fact. But the last thing I want to deal with is a bunch of metal in my mouth at (almost) 40 years old. I bite the inside of my cheeks often enough as it is. I can only imagine how much worse it would be with braces.


(Sugar Jones, getting her 80s on.)

So when I originally heard about Invisalign, I really wanted to find out more about them. I thought they were way too expensive for me. I thought old school braces were my only really option. And then I heard that Invisalign was doing an educational event, so I went to check it out.


(Rory knows something you don’t know.)

And I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Invisalign costs about the same as traditional braces, with fewer office visits. Oh, and none of those broken wire emergency visits, either. Once I was on a fishing trip with a bunch of friends, and we were out for at least an overnight trip. And yes, one of the passengers (a good friend) had braces. One of her wires CAME LOOSE and was poking her in the cheek. There was no chance of an emergency office visit. So I took some pliers and put the wire back in the bracket for her. ON A BOAT. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN. No lie.

And people wonder why I am certain I’ll never get braces. THAT RIGHT THERE is why, y’all.


(Gigi doesn’t like the thought of food stuck in her teeth. Or you taking a photo of her eating. You pick the right one.)

And yes, it’s a great option for teens, too. Oh how I wish this had been around for me when I was a teenager. But I’m glad it’s an option when my boys are older (I think my oldest is probably going to need help when he’s old enough). And if your kid loses a tray, it’s pretty easy to reorder one. I love that, as I have a feeling that’ll be important since I have two boys that already can’t remember where they put things. :)


(Nicole is recreating her teen look here. No need for headgear with Invisalign!)

And now that I have diet restrictions (I’m diabetic), it’s nice to know that I wouldn’t be even further restricted with Invisalign, because you can take the trays out while you eat. That is AWESOME.

(Maggie and me – birthday sisters)

One important thing I learned is that not all dentists are certified Invisalign providers, so make sure you use the doctor locator to find a provider near you.

As I get older, I do think about how I’d love to get rid of the annoying overbite I have. I would love that so VERY much! So my next step is to find a provider near me and talk to them about payment plans. While it’s still not cheap, advances in technology are moving so fast that it’s getting more affordable. And doggone it, I need to take care of me once in a while. I think this is something I would be very happy doing for myself.

And if I do, I will let you know!