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Second verse, same as the first

I feel like I’m on repeat right now, saying the same old thing over and over.



Ready to get! this! kid! out!

And yet, that is my life right now. Getting a lot of Braxton Hicks today. They are ramping up. And that’s okay. Know why? I found some of the baby clothes. That’s right. We no longer have to bring him home from the hospital naked. Er, diaper only. Yes, I did a little happy dance in the garage when I found them. I don’t think that was all of them, but enough to get by for now. Even though I didn’t see the “My First Thanksgiving” onesie in there anywhere and I so wanted to have that out and ready to go. I mean, c’mon. How often do you get to use an item like that FOR BOTH SONS?

Of course, we still haven’t dug out the infant seat, so we don’t have anything to PUT HIM IN on the way home. Details. (Actually, that’s something hubby could do last minute if needed. But I’m hoping we can get to that tomorrow so it’s off the list.)

Drove the van a little more tonight. I so *love* the backup camera. Even though it feels weird to face forward instead of look over my shoulder as I’m backing out of a parking spot. It was quite helpful at Costco when some guy walked past INCHES from my bumper as I was moving my foot over to the gas pedal. So, the camera has already saved one pedestrian’s life. A stupid, clueless pedestrian that apparently doesn’t understand what backup lights mean, but still. LIFE SAVED thanks to the Odyssey.

Anyway. More appointments tomorrow and Thursday. More work deadlines. Still no full post on Tiffany & Co, but it IS COMING. Hopefully before the baby’s born. I can make NO PROMISES at this point.

Deadlines ahoy, mate

I’m bumping up against several deadlines, so it’s going to be another short one. Busily writing resumes for clients, editing to complete, some web content to finish and regular work. And they’re all due early this week.

Plus there are doctor appointments for me, a hearing test for the boy, and OH, the VAN IS HERE (and it’s dark red, like the pic – squee!).

So yeah. Lots going on. I’m hoping to have more time to expound later this week. Plus, I need to write a Thanksgiving post — all about the food, baby! Maybe even with a couple of recipe standbys thrown in. I know you can’t wait!

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Coming soon…

Honda Odyssey

We get to drive an Odyssey for our annual holiday trip this year. Cannot wait. It arrives tomorrow. I know I won’t want to return it when we get back! It’ll be fun to see how it does on a longer family trip. We’ll be sharing lots of photos and videos of the van in action. Let me know if you have any specific things you’d like to hear about.

FTC disclosure: No monetary compensation involved, although we are getting to drive a van from Honda’s press fleet. I have not been asked to write or say anything. In fact, the trip – which we do every year anyway – & blogging about it was my idea. I was just lucky that Honda agreed to give it a try by letting us drive the van.