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Coming soon, I promise!

Had a really nice night with hubby, complete with music and motorcycles. I’ll be back later today with details.

A couple of people claimed the coupons. Thanks, ladies!

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Give it away now!

I recently got to try the new Kraft cheese 2% singles. Guess what? They’re made with milk from cows not treated with added growth hormones (rbST). Once I heard that, I was eager to check them out.

We eat a LOT of grilled cheeses in our household. It’s a comfort food for us, and the kid seems to like them, too.

We gathered everything we needed to make a grilled cheese (in case you’ve never made one, that would be bread, butter, and cheese). And you know what? It was pretty darn good! I couldn’t tell a difference between the 2% and regular singles. Yet by using the 2% singles, we’re cutting a little bit of fat out of our diet – just like when we drink 2% milk! How many of us buy 2% milk but don’t think to buy cheese made with the same?

I have two coupons to try a 12 oz package of Kraft singles. So if you’d like to be one to try it, just respond in the comments. If needed, I’ll draw randomly to select names. I’ll wait until the weekend, and then contact the winners to get these mailed out asap.

(Disclaimer: Yes, my son is under 2 and yes, we give him whole milk as recommended. Just trying to head off any emails that might tell me what I’m doing wrong.)

That couldn’t have been me

I decided to try “Not Me Monday” and see how it goes. This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

  • I did NOT cut my son’s hair tonight, butchering it ever-so-slightly and causing hubby and I to fight. Nope, not me.
  • I did NOT feed my son goldfish crackers when he wouldn’t eat anything else.
  • I have NOT taken a nap the past several days because I stay up late working, get up early, and then crash mid-evening, only to wake back up and start the pattern all over again. I wouldn’t do that.
  • I have NOT found at least 25 new friends on Facebook over the last couple of weeks, thanks to a bunch of high school friends signing up.
  • I have NOT been stepping over the cheerios on the floor, rather than getting the sweeper out to brush them out of the way.
  • I did NOT put a bunch of lingerie that I’ll never wear (and has never been worn) for sale on e-bay.
  • I did NOT save the curls from my son’s haircut tonight. Nope, who would do that?
  • I am NOT so tired that I want to chuck it all and just go hide somewhere. That would be silly.

How about you? What did you not do today?

New favorite

We bought a doorway jumper a few months ago, since the kid loves to stand on our laps and bounce. For what seems like hours. And hours. He resisted the jumper, though. He tried for a little while, but didn’t like something about it. He cried after a few minutes each time I put him in. So into the closet it went.

But as with most of his toys, if we just wait a while he might like them. And the last two days, he finally likes it. Actually, he loves it.

You know those videos of kids, where they’re trying so hard not to fall asleep in their food or during whatever activity enthralls them at the moment? That’s my son in his jumper. He bounces and bounces, until he can’t even keep his head up. His pace will slow, his head starts to loll, then he furiously starts bouncing again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Here’s the thing. I can’t stop laughing. He’s so tired that I really want to put him to bed. But he’s not ready to stop bouncing. It’s a cross between pitiful and hysterical. Mostly hysterical. Because the cute? It kills.

Before putting him to bed? I grabbed the video camera. Of course.

Chicago, here I come… again!

I'm Going to BlogHer '09 The news is here… BlogHer ’09 is going to be in Chicago again! And this time, instead of the Navy Pier (which was nice, btw, but a bit of a hike from the hotels), we’ll be at the Sheraton and Towers. (Wasn’t that formerly the Hilton and Towers?)

It’ll be nice to be back in the midwest again. And this time, I’m hoping to have a chance to putter around Chi-town a bit. Hope I’ll get to see you there!

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Ahoy, matey!

Shiver me timbers! Of course I couldn’t let a day like this pass me by. What day, you say?

Aaarrrrr, that would be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. What else, ya landlubbers? It gives me a bit of a chance to throw out me favorite joke of all time. Avast me hearties, and listen well.

A pirate walks into a bar with a boat wheel sticking out of his pants. The landlubbin’ bartender looks at him for a moment, then asks, “What’s with the boat wheel?”


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happy mother’s day

My new favorite pictureI’ve been thinking a lot about being a mom. Things at work have had me reconsidering my role as a wife, mother, and employee. But that’s really another post for later. It’s the mother thing I want to talk about.

You see, I’ve been a “second” mom for ten years. My stepdaughter already has a mom, so that puts me in a secondary role in a lot of ways. I consider her my daughter, always have. Yet there’s a difference when you’re the primary mom, when you are the one who must take care of the most basic of needs for your child. While I had to care for her when her dad was out to sea, I still wasn’t really considered the parent.

But for the wee boy, I am. I’m there when he wakes up. When he cries. When he goes to sleep. And it gives me great joy to do so. These moments in time will only happen once for this small boy and I want to cherish every one. I’m not sure if we’ll have any more kids, so this may just be my only chance. If so, I don’t want to let a moment go by without being as fully present as I possibly can.


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Update your bookmarks!

If you’re linking to, please update your bookmarks to

I finally separated it out into its own account, to the pages will show misspriss as the address. I’m going to slowly move the archives over, but they’ll be here if you want to peruse them.

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work in progress…

I’m going to be doing some rearranging here. If you get to this site via, things may be a little wonky over the weekend. For a long time, two of my domains have been under the same account, and I’m finally separating them because I hate how EE handles two domains.

Hopefully I’ll have it all straightened out by the end of the weekend. I certainly hope so!

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my cats hate me

Last night, one of our cats was up on the bed with us. We just bought this little toy that is an airplane with a spinning prop on the front. It also lights up. Very cute. The baby is fascinated by the lights. The cat, however, wasn’t so sure about the noise it made. The prop is foam, so it makes a strange whirring noise when you hold it up against something. The cat backed away, clearly not liking the noise. She got to the foot of the bed, warily watching it. I moved my foot near her and made a noise at the same time. She bounced straight up a good three feet off of the bed and landed in the floor. It all happened so quickly that all J and I could do is laugh. It was the funniest darn thing we had seen all day.

Then this morning, I went into the kitchen to warm up some tea. I guess the other cat was crunching the cat food so loud that he didn’t hear me coming. I turned the corner into the kitchen and he shot across the kitchen, knocked the cabinet under the sink open, things inside flying everywhere, bounced off the cabinet and shot past me. I came back out and had to call him a few times before he would come near me. Every hair on his back was standing straight up. I tried not to laugh as I comforted him.

I think I’m going to give them both heart attacks some day. Quite possibly before they plot my demise.

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