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Practicing gratitude

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I am trying to practice a little more gratitude today. There have been a lot of things going on in our lives recently. So much change. It’s a little overwhelming. Family, health, jobs. I can’t imagine what the future holds right now and it’s a little scary out there.

In spite of all that, though, I am grateful for what we do have. A wonderful, supportive network of friends and family (even though most of them didn’t help us move. AHEM.). Fantastic kids: even as they drive us crazy, they are the most wonderful thing to happen to us. (And dang, our kids are FUNNY, y’all.) Great family: even as our holiday plans change unexpectedly, they worry about us and want to help. We lucked into having an awesome family, for which I am truly, truly thankful.

My sons just had birthdays, turning 4 and 1. The time goes so fast! I love those little boogers to death. I am honored to be their mom. My husband is pretty awesome, too, but don’t tell him I said that. Between his crazy kids and crazy wife, he is either crazy himself or a very, very patient man. Love you, hon.

I hope you get the time to enjoy your family and think upon all you DO have, rather than what you don’t. Happy Thanksgiving.

More gratitude


Since we’re still in November and so close to Thanksgiving, I think a little more focusing on gratitude is in order. We have had some amazing kindnesses heaped upon us in the last few days and I just have to share with you.

While we were in the hospital, my brother-in-law and his wife came to visit. They were eating Thanksgiving dinner and then were going to bring us some of their leftovers. Awesome! But they changed their mind before they got there and instead brought the ENTIRE dinner to share with us. At first, I was wondering what possessed them. That’s a lot of work and we didn’t have much space in the room to spread out an entire meal. But you know what? It was great. The food was terrific and getting to spend Thanksgiving with family – when we thought we would miss out – was such a great mood lifter. Even better, they were still there when we got to bring the baby back up to be with us. It was a special time and reduced our stress way more than we realized.

And today, a friend asked if she could meet up and drop off a gift for the baby. So I show up at the designated time and guess what? I was surprised with another couple of friends arriving as well! It was a stealth, impromptu gift drop off from a big group of my Twitter buddies. They got us gift cards to some restaurants and the grocery store. So very perfect for us right now. I am so touched by their thoughtfulness. It’s kindof late right now, but I’m going to come back later and link to all of these lovely, wonderful women. I am so grateful for such wonderful, wonderful friends. So very blessed.

Without further ado, here are the wonderful ladies who have gotten us lovely gifts for Baby Bravia. Love these women. All of them:

@picklesugarplum (she MADE us some super-cool blankets)

And these lovely ladies pitched in for the gift cards. Seriously appreciated, especially since we’re getting ready to travel for the holidays.

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Out and about

We managed to get out of the house with both of the boys. We didn’t go far – just to the mall. But it was someplace where we could walk around and let the oldest expend some energy.

The ladies at Williams-Sonoma ooohed and aaahed over the baby. And when they found out he is 5 days old, they didn’t know whether I was brave or crazy.

Funny, neither do I.

I just *have* to get out of the house. Even if I’m tired, there’s only so much you can do inside these walls. And I’m certainly not bedridden. Being forced to get out of bed the day after surgery will do that to you. I had no choice – I had to go and see my son. There was nothing – not an IV, a catheter, a sore abdomen… nothing – that was going to keep me away from him. As it was, it took at least 8 hours longer than it should have to get him back with us. And it probably would have been longer if I’d not suffered a meltdown right in the middle of the NICU.

Let’s just say it was an emotional time, I was exhausted, and I didn’t handle the multiple delays very well. It sucks when the kids who are ready to leave the NICU are kept there simply because the doctor hasn’t made it through rounds yet and the ones that are out of danger are the last ones to be seen. Let me say it again. It SUCKS. I’m still not happy with how that was handled. But the nurses and staff were so kind. And amazingly patient. And awesome.

It could have been so much worse. We were pretty fortunate. We ARE pretty fortunate. I can’t stress that enough.

It’s going to be an adjustment to having two instead of one. But so far? It’s awesome. Both of my sons are amazing. What more can I ask for?

A St. Patrick’s Day Blessing

One of my favorite all-time Irish blessings goes like this:

May those who love us,
love us;
and those who don’t love us,
may God turn their hearts;
and if He doesn’t turn their hearts,
may he turn their ankles
so we’ll know them by their limping.

I hope you have a blessed St. Patrick’s Day.

I, for one, am so grateful to my ancestors who came to the US during the potato famine to forge a new life. Their hardships and trials made way for great opportunities for me and my children. I only hope I can be as brave and strong in order to pave the way for even better lives for my future lineage.

This is why I love the internets


“It’s really not all that bad.” That’s what I — and my husband — keep telling myself. I love the time I spend with my son, even as I feel guilty that it’s not enough… or especially not enough quality over quantity.

But then I lie in bed in the morning, after my son is up and we’re both snuggled up watching a cartoon or two, and I realize how good I have it. There’s no rushing around in the morning to get him to daycare and me to work. I doze a little while he plays with his cars and sips his milk. I smile as he runs his cars all over my head and shoulders, making these new little “vroom vroom” noises.

And I realize all of this, even as we’re terribly short on money, when I am able to get out of my own head. That’s not easy when you work from home and don’t really get out much. And yet, the internet helps me there, too. I chat with people on twitter when I take breaks. I read blogs and get to see how my internet friends are doing.

I’ve even made new local friends. That’s probably the biggest thing that the ‘net has brought me. As I think I’ve mentioned before, several of my closest friends have moved in the last few years. Since I don’t work outside the home any longer, it has been much harder to find new people to hang out with. But then I went to a couple of events that I found out about on Twitter. And I started meeting other moms.

From there, I found out about events through sdGNO (San Diego Girl’s Night Out) and sdIRL (San Diego In Real Life). And wouldn’t you know it? I have made a bunch of new friends and connected with some old ones, too. (Of course, that totally doesn’t include everyone, but you can see lists of people I’ve met via some twitter lists.)

Just getting to hang out with many cool people, get our kids together for playdates, and get out of the darn house has been making a big difference for me. It’s slowly getting better, the more I push myself to go do cool things.

As long as I can keep reminding myself not to think to hard about all that I’m not doing and not getting accomplished — and concentrate on the good — I think it’ll be okay.

Nah, I’m sure of it.

I’d also like to thank the kind person who nominated me for a “Best in Lifestyle” award from the San Diego Social Media Awards (#influenceSD). I absolutely wasn’t expecting it and no matter where I wind up, I’m honored to be in a group with so many of my friends. (PS – you can vote for me here, if you are so inclined.)


I am thankful.

For family. Good food. A warm home. My job. My coworkers.

For turkey-induced naps. Pumpkin pie piled high with whipped cream. Sage dressing. Candied sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top (heavenly!). Really good gravy.

For my husband. His help in the kitchen, around the house, with our son. His love. His smile. His laugh.

For our son. His giggle. His dimples. His yummy, munchable cheeks and toes. His smile.

There’s so much more, really. That only touches the surface of how blessed we really are. Right now I’m just busy enjoying it. I hope you are, too.

I am grateful


It’s been a while since I did a “Gratitude in my Attitude” post. And with it being November, I think it’s time. Right this moment, I am grateful for:

  • My husband. He came home & pitched in with dishes when he saw me at the sink. And he fixed lunch. He helps with diapers. And bathtime. He is so kind to me when I’m not feeling well. And so much more.
  • My son’s laugh. Earlier tonight I was teasing him. I tickle and kiss him on the neck, he throws his head back and laughs with abandon. I’ve said it before, but that laugh rights so many wrongs.
  • Old friends. My BFF has been here, but has been working. I haven’t gotten to see her as much as I’d like (due to illness. ugh.) — but even seeing her for a little while is good.
  • New friends. Went over to a new friend’s house for a craft party. We made cards and other things, chatted, had some food & drinks, and a good time. And she didn’t even make fun of me when I got the time wrong and showed up a little early. Instead, she put me to work. Right on! I think we’ll get along just fine.
  • The interwebs. I have found people that I lost track of long ago, mostly due to Facebook. People I’ve wondered what happened to, hoped they were doing well, and wished I could just tell them that I have good memories of the time we knew each other. I even found my former pen pal, by accident. That is why I totally love the internet.

Your turn. What are you grateful for right now?

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Gratitude in my Attitude: The beginning


As you may have, ahem, noticed I’ve been struggling. With a lot that I won’t get into right now but may later. Or may not. I’m not sure.

But one of the things that has been bothering me is this: I look at what we don’t have and what isn’t working way too much. It’s enough to make one a wee bit disgruntled. And I’m trying to change that.

So as often as I can, hopefully once a week, I’m going to try to concentrate on what’s good and happy in my life. Remember to have a little gratitude even as we’re struggling. And that brings us to this.

Gratitude in my Attitude.

I need more. Do you? If people express interest, I’ve thought about making it one of those little weekly dealies where other people can post the graphic and talk about being grateful even in hard times. Or good times. Wherever they are at the moment.

So for this first time, I’m grateful for things to look forward to. Even as I worry about work, money, bills, etc., there ARE things to look forward to. I’m trying to remember that and enjoy the antici………… pation of it all. Instead of dreading. I’m a worrier and that is a big step for me.

So anticipation. It’s a good thing.

What are you grateful for right this moment?