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An Awesome Evening

scott-strattenOn Tuesday night I actually left the house and went to a Social Media Club San Diego event with UnMarketing’s Scott Stratten. He was talking about his new book, The Book of Business Awesome and it was … wait for it … awesome.

Scott & Scott – and I didn’t even have to twist him arm to pose with me. And he signed eleventy billion books for all of us, too. What a guy, right? At the end here I’ll post a link to a similar talk he did so you can see Scott’s awesomeness live almost live.

Later I went back to look at what Scott had signed in the book. “Thanks for the seat.” Ha! I had joked that he took my seat at the signing table (I was really just keeping it warm), so he remembered and wrote that in there. See? Awesome. Totally personable and he seemed like he was enjoying himself in spite of being tired. He also mentioned that he would NOT complain about signing a billion books. Why? Because he’s signing a book THAT HE WROTE. If you ever get tired of that, maybe you shouldn’t be an author? See? More awesome.

The talk was great and so was the Twitter conversation going on during it. What? You don’t expect a group of social media people attending a Social Media Club talk from a social media person to not tweet, do you? I didn’t think so.

San Diego has the absolute best social media community. Really – it is fantastic. I meet the coolest people and always have a blast when I’m at an event with them. I got one of the best compliments EVER the other night and it made my week. If you are here locally and you haven’t gone to a tweet-up, local bloggers event, or a SMCSD event, you really should. I love all of them. And none of them paid me to say that at all. Totally spontaneous. Smile We are so lucky to live where we do and get to do the work that we do.

Here’s the other talk of Scott’s:

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