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Am I still a mom blogger if I don’t talk a lot about my kids?

So I have these two beautiful boys and they just light me up. And usually, I can’t stop talking about something that I think is wonderful.

Except my boys.

Why is that?

I’m not sure I want what I have to say about them to follow them around later. They are fantastic. They are wonderful. They are frustrating and annoying and I just want to run away sometimes. But that’s just the way things are when you’re a mom. The good and the bad, all rolled up into one.

I’ve talked a few times about my oldest and speech problems. We have struggled with it a lot, and I think we’re finally coming out the other side. But how much of that do I put out there? Is it okay for me to do that?

Sometimes I just don’t know. I really want to write this stuff down so I have their stories for later. So I can share them with them. Not for embarrassment or heartache. But to leave a record of how wonderful they are and how much their mom (& dad) love them and think they are the most amazing thing ever – the best little people to share our lives with. We wouldn’t trade them for anything, even as we want to shut them in their room for just five minutes of peace.

Memory and time are so fleeting. I don’t want to forget anything since it all goes away so fast anyway.

So there it is.  Maybe I’ll share a few funny stories now & again. Maybe not. I just don’t know right now how much of their lives/ our lives I want to put out there. (Even as I post a kajillion times on Facebook. Yes, I know, it doesn’t make sense to me either. But it is what it is.)

Do you ever struggle with what the line is on what to write about your family? Do you have agreed-upon boundaries or is it fluid? Case by case? Tell me I’m not the only one going through this right now. I really feel like pulling back big time. Even as I love to write and share. What about you?