Spray inks: I’m in love

bye bye

Another page in progress that I’m not really sure is done or not.

The left side started with a base coat of color left over from another spread. The rest of the layers are spray inks with a little bit of stamping thrown in. I added a couple of small paper embellishments, and added a couple of numbers with a stencil and gelly roll pens (I think it was one of the metallic colors).

I have really been loving spray inks. I cannot get enough of them, so I’ve been experimenting. These pages include smooch spritz and dylusions spray ink. You can see where there are lines of ink, like it ran across the page – I used a straw while the ink was still wet to move it around. I like that look sometimes.

I created a mask for the letters using Thickers, but I didn’t wait long enough to pull them back up. The page tends to tear if it’s still damp. Another page I did earlier turned out better because I let the ink dry before I pulled them up. But it gives it a little bit of a rough, decomposing look, so I might just leave it that way.

Been doing a little bit of art almost every night. It’s a very relaxing way to end the day. I haven’t decided if I’ll write on all of these pages. I think some of them beg to be written on and some want to be left alone. So maybe after I fill up all the pages with backgrounds, I’ll decide which ones need writing. I know some people write on their pages as they go along, but I tend to keep another journal for my really long brain dumps. I am finding more & more that playing around with bits of paper, ink & paint is hugely relaxing. Almost more so than writing has been.

I wonder how my pages will look next. I’ve been having a lot of bad, end of the world dreams, which makes me sleep poorly. I’m hoping I can pour that into a page and exorcise it, as it is no fun to have an uneasy feeling all day due to your dreams. I have a strong sense of foreboding right now and I don’t like it at all. I’m glad I don’t have any major trips planned soon (other than going to the office, which is a short drive up the freeway). Let’s hope this dream sequence passes as it is really freaking me out.

What do you do to get rid of negative dreams, especially when they hang around for days?

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6 Responses
  1. San Diego Momma (8 comments.) says:

    Those are beautiful. I think I should like to try. Art is such therapy.
    And Beck? I’ve also been having those dreams. Last week was very…strange. For the past seven days, it’s like my hair has been standing on end.

    Maybe it’s just lunar craziness? Or a shift in Earth’s ionic energy and nothing apocalyptic.

    • becky says:

      Thanks, Deb. It really is therapeutic.
      And that’s weird – you’re describing exactly how I’ve felt the past week. Something to do with the eclipse that just happened? Who knows. I have these dreams every once in a while, but never have they been so terrifying and … REAL. And persistent over several days.
      If you ever want to start an art journal, let me know. Some great resources I can point you to (or show you some stuff myself). Or maybe we should just have an informal class/get together where we do stuff like that in a group. You know, in our copious amounts of free time.

  2. Erika McDaniel (1 comments.) says:

    I love this image! How beautiful!

    I know for me, I get LOST in any painting project I undertake. Hours fly by and I am always amazed.

    To me, it’s a wonderful form of mediation, and presence. It brings you back to center to focus on that, and reduce the mind chatter. Cooking for me is also a form of my meditation. Want to get back to more painting – even though I’m not an artist…I love it.

  3. Joann Woolley (4 comments.) says:

    Any way we can express ourselves, writing, performing, drawing, playing music, all of it is good for the soul… not only does it keep you in balance, but it provides beauty for yourself and others. I worry that without art in our schools that this will be something that is soon lost.

    • becky says:

      I have such great memories of art in school. I’ll never forget Mrs. Harvey and our lesson about Michaelangelo where we crawled under our art desks and painted on paper taped to the underside.