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But why?

Annnnnndddd, we have reached the “But, why?” stage. Let the fun begin. Ah, 4. You are just SUCH a joy. /sarcasm

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Storage Wars visits San Diego

A few weeks ago, I tweeted about how we saw one of the guys from Storage Wars at the Kobey swap meet. We heard it over the loudspeaker, but didn’t catch quite all of it. I thought they were comparing a bunch of the vendors that buy storage stuff to the guys on Storage Wars. And then we rounded a corner and saw the great big “Yuuuuuuuuuuup!” on the side of a truck.

Oh. It’s THAT Storage Wars guy. The most annoying one on the show. I don’t know if his personality is a put-on for the show or not. But if it’s an act, he made sure to stay firmly in character while he was there. He would only take pics of people if they bought something. But not the stuff he had out on the ground. The stuff in his tent. Shirts and stickers that had his catch phrase on it.

Now, I didn’t want a picture with him anyway, nor was I going to spend $2-3 on a stupid sticker that says “Yuuuuup” on it. But I did want to see what kind of stuff he had brought with him, so I poked around a bit.

I was not impressed at all. Dave Hester, your stuff was junk. It stunk.

Let me back up a bit. We go to the swap meet a lot. At least twice a month, sometimes more. There are a lot of people who do a garage sale type of set up, with everything spread on tarps on the ground, or maybe in boxes. But the pros that are there week after week have tables set up and everything laid out so you can easily peruse their stuff. Yeah, there’s a little bit of junk now and again. But most of it is in decent shape and spread out so you can browse.

But not this Hester dude. He had boxes on the ground piled with stuff. It was mostly crap. Things were water damaged, dusty, musty. Broken. He just threw some stuff together. His real reason for being there was to get people to buy his shirts. It had to have been. He didn’t respect our swap meet at all. I expected someone who brags about all the great stuff he has to really BRING IT when coming to the swap meet.

And he totally didn’t. And it kinda made me a little mad. You come to our swap meet, disrupt things, throw around your attitude and all you bring is the dregs that you couldn’t sell anywhere else? No thanks, dude.

I did buy a reel of 8mm film that I’ll use for some art stuff. But it wasn’t worth my time to dig through all that junk. I was looking for a particular type of old photo album, but there was very little that was worth anyone’s time of day. I’ll stick to our regular vendors who are there week after week, reasonably priced, and present their stuff well. Oh, and are NICE.

I’ve kindof gotten tired of the show anyway. It was fun to watch for a while, but the whole fighting and drama stuff is getting old. I’d rather watch the one with the two guys (Auction Hunters) that is mostly about their finds, not the drama. (Even if it does seem a little too good to be true sometimes. I really don’t care about that. I just enjoy it anyway.)

So tell me. Are you a Storage Wars fan? Are you going to tell me you love Dave and he’s the best thing ever? If you do, I don’t think we can be friends anymore. Winking smile

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