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Practicing gratitude

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I am trying to practice a little more gratitude today. There have been a lot of things going on in our lives recently. So much change. It’s a little overwhelming. Family, health, jobs. I can’t imagine what the future holds right now and it’s a little scary out there.

In spite of all that, though, I am grateful for what we do have. A wonderful, supportive network of friends and family (even though most of them didn’t help us move. AHEM.). Fantastic kids: even as they drive us crazy, they are the most wonderful thing to happen to us. (And dang, our kids are FUNNY, y’all.) Great family: even as our holiday plans change unexpectedly, they worry about us and want to help. We lucked into having an awesome family, for which I am truly, truly thankful.

My sons just had birthdays, turning 4 and 1. The time goes so fast! I love those little boogers to death. I am honored to be their mom. My husband is pretty awesome, too, but don’t tell him I said that. Between his crazy kids and crazy wife, he is either crazy himself or a very, very patient man. Love you, hon.

I hope you get the time to enjoy your family and think upon all you DO have, rather than what you don’t. Happy Thanksgiving.

Mojo, oh mojo where can you be?

As you may have noticed, I have absolutely and completely lost my blogging mojo. You know what happens when you work online all day? You really don’t want to be on the computer at night. Not with two little ones tugging at you to sit on your lap.

The last few months have been busy with a move, job stuff, family health stuff. The usual. I do have some things I want to share with you, though, so I’ll try – ONCE AGAIN – to come back and let you know what’s been happening.

Next week, my oldest boy will be FOUR. And the little one will be ONE. And then it’s Thanksgiving. I swear, where did the year go? The holidays are upon us and I barely got to enjoy the summer! But I am looking forward to seeing family during the holidays, even if I don’t get to take any time off this year (that’s a whole other story, btw).

I also haven’t gotten around to everyone’s blogs like I used to. Terrible bloggy friend, I am. What’s new with you? I miss this space.

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