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Post-BlogHer letdown, or, I’m feeling a little scattered right now

As y’all might have heard, there was a teeny-tiny women’s blogging conference this past weekend in San Diego. You know, just 3000 or so of the most amazing, dedicated, accepting, collaborative, FUN women you’ve ever met. The typical weekend.

I think just about everyone else I know has already written their BlogHer11 recaps. That’s okay, I’m always late with these things. And I prefer to mull and chew on things a bit. I’m hoping to do a little now and some more in-depth stuff later.

I was terribly excited last August when I heard that BlogHer ’11 was going to be in San Diego. I had missed ’10 due to my pregnancy and the expense of traveling to NYC. It’s the first one that I’ve missed since 2006, so I wasn’t about to miss a second.

BlogHer carved into Ivory soap

Sometimes I go into things like this with a little trepidation. I always get nervous in new situations. The unknown. But since I’ve been to the convention center so many times, and BlogHer so many times, I knew where I was going. And I already knew a bunch of people–both locally and those traveling–who were coming to the conference. I was super relaxed and ready to just go with the flow. I think it made for a much more enjoyable experience.

Peggy & Becky up to no good

So unlike a lot of people who worried about what they’d wear, where they’d go and what they’d see, I was chill. For once. Whether I ran around with a bunch of friends or just went to sessions on my own, it was all good. I would have been happy either way. As it turns out, though, my friend Peggy was new to the conference and I wanted to make sure she was set up. So we wound up spending a lot of time together. And it was a blast. (I may have just found a new partner in crime. Watch out, y’all.)

Becky & Peggy trying to be Greek

I went to some panels, went to some sponsor suites, hung out on the Expo floor. Hopefully I made some new connections and I definitely ran into some old friends. I honestly don’t think I can fit it all into one post. I’d like to talk about some individual companies that I saw on the floor, some of the products we got or saw demoed, and how everything is working now that we’re back home. I always have good intentions, though, so we’ll see. :D

I will tell you that I took the clothes I took — they were what they were. Not sponsored. Not fancy. Jeans and t-shirts. I wore a dress to one party and jeans with a nice top at a different party. That’s it. No one shunned me or made fun of me (that I know of). But I’ve *never* been a fashionista, so there’s no pressure there. Ha! (Although I did stop at the Dr. Scholl’s booth before one of the parties and got some inserts for high heels and they made a huge difference. They also gave me some ballet flats that fold up in your purse and I put those suckers on later that night. Everyone should have a pair. Really.)

Becky relaxing at Dr. Scholl's booth

The sessions I went to? Really enjoyable. There wasn’t enough time to go to everything I wanted, especially when you are still breastfeeding an 8 month old baby. I ran back to the hotel quite a few times to get in a feeding.

What’s really cool, though, is that ALL of the sessions recaps are on the BlogHer site. So although I didn’t get to attend everything, I can go back and read the transcripts. And that, my friends, is awesome.

And drama? There wasn’t any. Unless you count that Mommy Needs Coffee chick getting all up in my face. Something about trying to throw me into a hot tub. And (re)starting a tradition or something. I have NO idea what that’s about. ;)

What was your favorite part? What would you do differently? Are you going to BlogHer12 in NYC?

(PS – buy your tix before 8/31 and use the code AugustHoliday for 20% off. Cheapest price you’ll get!)

Um, thanks for the warning, HealthNet?

Over six months ago, HealthNet lost some hard drives. Well, IBM lost them, but they were HealthNet drives. As in, physically cannot find them, not “lost” as in crashed. And guess what? They had personal info on them! And guess what else? I JUST GOT A LETTER FROM THEM.

HealthNet was notified in January of a potential problem, yet I didn’t get a letter until early August (dated late July, though). Do you know how much damage someone could cause in six months? Yeah.

So while I’m grateful they have set me up with two years of free identity protection, it’s entirely possible that any damage that could be done already has been done.

Now tell me, why in the world do companies wait so long to send out notices?

PS) Stuff like this is why I haven’t written a BlogHer recap, although the rest of the internet apparently has. It’s coming. I think.