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Get smart with First Street from Smart & Final

My husband and I have been Smart & Final shoppers for years. When he worked on a fishing boat as a cook, he shopped there for galley supplies. Some of our favorite products are from Smart & Final’s own First Street brand. We buy them all the time.

Some of our recent favorites have been in the frozen food section. Well, it works great when we can remember to thaw something for supper, that is. For our son we keep tater tots on hand, and french fries for us. They both work great in my little convection toaster oven, crisping up nicely. No oil, no unhealthy fats to worry about! That’s a big one for me, as I have to watch my cholesterol. We also like the hash brown patties, as they’re great for a quick breakfast side.

Another thing I am loving recently is the package of frozen chicken thighs. I know, that sounds weird to some people. But thighs are probably THE best meat on the chicken. Forget the chicken breast. Go for the thigh! My favorite way to cook them is to just liberally sprinkle them with spices (my favorites are just salt, pepper, and granulated garlic and a special seasoned salt when I have it on hand) and put them under the broiler for around a 1/2 hour (depending on size) and turning them a few times. They get nice and crispy on the outside, but are so tender and juicy. I love LOVE chicken cooked this way. Our son FINALLY started eating chicken when we cooked it this way. Score!

I have to stop for a moment and mention that I really, really miss the frozen steaks that First Street used to carry. They were awesome. Almost all of the boats we knew used them, as they kept well, were tasty, and were individually wrapped. I’m still on a mission to get Smart & Final to bring them back.

Okay, now it’s your turn. How would you like to receive a sampling of First Street products AND a $50 gift card to Smart & Final? All you have to do is enter the contest on Facebook. You’ll love it. In our sample, we got pancakes and syrup, paper towels, pasta and sauce, popcorn, aluminum foil, food storage bags, chocolate chips (which I just eat instead of making cookies. oops.), mayo, ketchup, dressing, croutons, and whole lot more. It’s a lot of food. And every bit of it so far has been good.


This is a compensated post through a partnership with collective bias. But we’ve been Smart & Final shoppers—and First Street brand fans—for a long time. Opinions are my own, as always.

Edge of the world

No, I haven’t fallen off of the face of the Earth. Been busy with travel for work. Be back soon. Just wanted to check in. How YOU doin’?

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It’s quiet here

I don’t exactly know how to write anything trivial about my life when my friends are still missing and there’s no news that I know of regarding their whereabouts. What do you say after that? There’s no transition that works. But I’m still plugging away. I might find some funny kid stories to share soon. I know I could use a laugh.

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