Finding my voice

It seems sometimes like I’ve lost my voice. Not my physical, yell at my children voice, but my writing voice. My personal writing voice. I think of little things here and there to blog about, but by the time I’m done with work, I really just want to get off of the computer and spend time with hubby and the boys. Or it’s something that seems stupid. Or silly. Or not worthy of my time — or yours.

I want to chronicle this time with my boys. I’m not even doing that. I have way too much to do and I haven’t been very good at managing my time on & off the computer.

On top of that, I wonder if anyone even cares any more. Do I? I’ve been writing online since 2002. I remember that date because I was writing about a fishing trip I took that summer. But I’ve since lost those archives. What’s my point? I don’t know. I’ve been writing a long time. Do I have anything worth saying anymore?

I’m not really sure. But I still need a place to write, to get things out of my brain. Does anyone else do that? Write because you need to clear your head? I’ll go crazy if I don’t.

So it may be disjointed. It may be boring. But I need to get it all out once in a while.

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7 Responses
  1. Ginger (5 comments.) says:

    I use my blog all the time as my online therapy. Part of that is because I don’t have a lot of local friends of the call up for coffee variety that I can spill to, but part of that is just because it’s how I’m wired. It may not make my blog the hottest spot on the internet, but it makes it one of my favorite things ever. (Plus, I kind of love reading that stuff from other people, so go ahead and get it out!).
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    • becky says:

      Yeah, I used to have more call-up-for-coffee friends, too. My family is really private, so sometimes I don’t feel like I can talk about what’s bugging me. Or that I’ll be under too much scrutiny. (Not that anyone cares to scrutinize, mind you. Just my paranoia.)

  2. Lori (5 comments.) says:

    And sometimes, you just need to say “I’m tired and I don’t always have a point.” :) I come to this same brick wall a lot myself. I just type what’s on my mind. Seems to work.

    • becky says:

      Sometimes I use it as a brain dump, but that’s not too interesting to anyone but me. And sometimes not even me. :)

  3. Suzette (6 comments.) says:

    This is precisely why I started blogging — as an outlet and for my sanity. You’ll get your voice back soon, but in the meantime the best thing is to kep at it!

  4. Susan Payton (1 comments.) says:

    I go through this too, Becky. I forgive myself when I don’t write for weeks (with a teeny bit of guilt) but I always find my way back. Actually now that I’ve gotten back into writing as a career, I find I write more on my blog.

    You’ll find it. Don’t worry.
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