How did I manage to post for an entire month, only to drop off of my blog for almost two weeks? Okay, okay, I know how. I had a baby. Then we had doctor appointments. And we drove a couple of days to see family. But we’ve been here for a week and I still haven’t figured out what to say.

What do I say?

  • That I love this little guy and am spending a majority of my time just holding him, letting him sleep on me, or gazing at his adorable little face?
  • That I feel guilty that I can’t pick up my older son, but grateful that he has his grandpa to play with him and distract him from the fact that mommy has less time for him now?
  • That I have no idea how I will manage to work and take care of two kids and actually say more than five words to my husband, but that we will somehow get through?
  • That while I love having time off to spend with everyone, it also feels weird not to be working, especially since we’re out in the middle of nowhere and there’s not a lot to do once the weather hits?
  • That while I love it here, I miss the convenience of living in town where everything’s so close that I can be at the mall in less than 5 minutes, Target or Wally World less than 10, and the doctor’s office in less than 15?
  • That I don’t miss getting snowed in?
  • But that I do miss having our own place, a dishwasher, a washer & dryer, a real house, and lots of family nearby, things that we don’t have back in SD?

I always have so much going through my head this time of year. Thoughts of family, of moving, of staying where we are, of how quickly time goes by.

So as you can see, my mind is still super-busy even as so much stays unwritten. But I don’t want to forget everything that goes on during the first few weeks of my son’s life, so I’m hoping to do a little better. Even if it’s only a short snippet every other day. I want to drop in more often. I will try to do so.

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  1. bethany actually (15 comments.) says:

    I know the feeling! I hope you guys stay warm and enjoy your visit with family. :-)
    bethany actually´s last blog post ..11 days old