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The home stretch

Today marked my last doctor’s appointment before the baby arrives. Last ultrasound at the office. Last trek to be poked and prodded. Finally.

And by this time next week, we’ll have a wee little one to hold and love and lose sleep over. I am so very ready. In fact, we finally found the car seat. The clothes are ready. I just need to pack my hospital bag. Finish cleaning said car seat. Do a little more cleaning.

Most of my work projects are finishing up. I’m starting to hope I’ll go into labor early, but only AFTER I finish this last project. So I guess I’d better get on that, huh. So just that one to finish and then I’m off of work for a few weeks. Not entirely sure how long. Probably about three or four. Six at the most. I’ll be back at work most definitely after the beginning of the year.

It won’t be long before we head out to see family for the holidays. I’m really looking forward to that part. We have so much going on that it’ll be nice to just relax, bask in our new addition, and enjoy time with the grandparents. I know they’re going to have so much fun with both kids. Especially the older one – he’s such a funny little guy that I know my dad is going to have a blast with him. He’s so precious. Last night, hubby was getting him to say “mommy” instead of his usual “mama” and it was the most beautiful sound to my ears.

I think he’s on the verge of being willing to make more sounds, especially as we try to work on getting him to repeat things. I bet my dad will try to get him to talk as well. We’re stubborn like that.

So that’s where we are. Full of anticipation. Waiting it out. Looking forward to a new chapter — except for the lack of sleep part. I mean, really. Who looks forward to that? EVER?

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