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Climb every mountain

Today we finally got something off of the to do list. LAUNDRY. I’ve been complaining for weeks that we have a mountain of laundry to do. And that I really wanted to get it done before the baby gets here. Because once the baby arrives, we won’t have time to do it and there’s nothing worse than coming back from a trip and having a ton of chores staring you in the face.

So we took the morning, went to a big laundromat (found on Yelp & it was perfect for our needs), …. and spent about $40. Give or take. BUT, they had huge washers. Seven-load washers, in fact. (However, I never get how they figure that, because I’m pretty sure it’s not seven loads of a top-loader machine.) And five-load washers. And so on. And? Over 30 dryers. Of which we used FOURTEEN. I kid you not. Of course, we split up some of the wash loads to have things dry quicker.

Our laundry filled up the back of the Odyssey. No joke. FIVE Ikea bags crammed full, plus several trash bags. But by going to the laundromat, we got it done in less than three hours. And the boy was entertained almost the entire time. Bonus!

It is such a relief to have all that done. Now, we need to get the mountain of dishes done in the next eight days. It could go either way.

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