The neverending week

STILL not caught up. Treading water. There are dishes in BOTH sides of the sink. The baby seat is still lost in the jungles of our garage. I still haven’t managed to complete some web copy and I desperately need to get it done. Also? Knee deep in resumes.

The work stuff is a good thing. Really. Trying to get as much done as I can before I take time off. But I swear my days are getting shorter and I just can’t quite find the time to finish everything. Especially with a clingy, demanding 2 year old attached to my hip.

Son’s hearing test was fine, so that’s a positive. They didn’t get to test each ear individually, thanks to his aversion to ANYTHING on his head. But it appears to be within normal range so they’re ruling that out as a reason for his speech delay. He’s never had ear infections or injuries, so we were pretty sure that was the case anyway.

Next steps, more evaluations.

And to add to the misery? Next week they’re paving our lot. Which means I’m either stuck in the house all day or stuck OUT of the house all day. No in between. Joy. Whose idea was it to pave just days before Thanksgiving? I really despise our management company. So much I might even name them one of these days.

Went to Java Mama today so the kid could have some fun while I worked. It was great, except for the other boy who kept pushing everyone and giving them headlocks. I mean, hugs. And even with repeated requests for her to WATCH HER DAMN SON, the mother was too busy chatting with about 10 friends and watching her baby in a stroller. That she could have taken IN the play area so she could watch her son more closely. Which she needed to do.

I never know how to speak up in those situations without getting so angry I make no sense. I fume and bite my tongue, unsure of the appropriate thing that will let her know her son’s behavior is NOT acceptable when it causes MY SON to hit his head. I am new to these waters, since it’s usually just me & my son hanging out at home. How do you handle misbehaving kids when their own parent seems content to ignore their bad deeds?

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  1. bethany actually (15 comments.) says:

    I’m glad to hear your son’s hearing is normal!

    When I’m in a situation like that where the mom isn’t paying attention to the kid causing problems, I usually go into teacher mode and just talk to the kid myself. I don’t scold, I keep it positive, but I’ll say things like, “Oops, be careful, honey! When you run around swinging a baseball bat, you’re gonna hit people in the head. Maybe you can use it as a cane instead?” or, “Hmm, I don’t think you should be throwing those books, you’re going to hurt another person and rip the books.” Generally I find that kids behaving like little terrors either respond to me by giving me a blank stare and wandering away so I will stop talking to them, or—more likely—they realize I will give them attention (which is probably what they’re trying to get their parent to do anyway) and they stop acting like a jerk and start jabbering away to me. Sometimes the parent will realize I’m talking to their kid and apologize, sometimes they get indignant if they perceive I’m reprimanding their kid. But the result is almost always that the kid stops pulling annoying stunts.

    I’m glad to hear Java Mama reopened! The original one was in my neighborhood and Annalie was so bummed when it closed and never reopened before we had to move out of town. :-)
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    • becky says:

      This kid would not slow down long enough to even listen. It was crazy.

      They opened a place in Scripps Ranch. The one in La Mesa never reopened. But now it looks like they are starting to offer franchises, which is really cool. It’s so nice to go there and work a little while my son gets a chance to play. Good for both of us — and affordable!