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This one is gonna be short

I got a flu shot yesterday. Just over 24 hours later, not feeling so hot. Hubby had the same thing happen to him after his shot. He was nice enough to let me nap for a bit this afternoon, even though he’s tired from heading into work super-duper early. Thanks, honey.

Additionally, my allergies are killing me. Lots of sneezing and runny sinuses. Either that, or I have a cold. Pretty sure it’s allergies. Either way, the sinus thing ends up with me having an upset tummy. All of this? Is spinning my blood sugar out of control. Even with walking, I’m having a hard time keeping it in line. Hopefully it’ll settle down very soon.

In spite of that, had a great morning. Got to have breakfast at Tiffany. No, really! More on that later. With pictures!

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