Baby needs

I’m starting to get questions about what we need for the wee little one.

Well, I’m not entirely sure.

I think we have plenty of clothes if we can ever find them in the chaos that is our garage. Assuming that they haven’t mildewed or been eaten by moths.

I did add a few items to our Amazon Baby Registry, like some swaddling wraps I’d love to have. And diapers. But a couple of the items are big, so I don’t really count them, as who’s going to be able to buy a friend a BOB Duallie? That’s okay. It’s there for us, or in case family wants to pool their money and get it. Or just so I can find it again later if we decide to get it.

Okay, back to my point. Friends have been asking what we need. I’m not sure. Target and Amazon gift cards would be perfectly okay with us. Not as fun as shopping for cute baby things, I know. But I’m always trying to be practical.

So there you have it. What we need. It ain’t much, but I think we’re fortunate in that regard.

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  1. Natalie (3 comments.) says:

    Good to know darlin. I’m a practical girl myself too!