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He knows something’s up

My son has been a little more clingy recently. He stands right next to my chair when I’m working. He’s constantly leaning on me. Or climbing into my chair and standing just behind my shoulder. Or crawling up into my lap.

He knows something’s going on. And that time is short.

It is short. As of Tuesday (the 19th – I started writing this earlier in the week) I have less than FIVE WEEKS to get ready for Baby M’s appearance. I still haven’t dug any of the supplies out of the garage. We have a few diapers on hand. My Moby wrap is in the closet but probably needs to be washed. The bed is still in the garage. Everything is. On top of that we have a ton of other laundry to get caught up on. I am so far behind it isn’t funny. I wish I could take a week off of work to prepare, but we can’t afford that right now.

Nesting? Yes. Unfortunately, I don’t have the energy that accompanies my long lists of what needs to be done.

Back to the boy. He’s grabbing as much mommy time as he can. No complaints here. Mostly. I love it, even as I’m stressing about the work I’m not getting done because he wants to visit my lap repeatedly throughout the day. Soon we won’t have the together time that we do now. Soon he won’t want hugs and kisses from mommy. Soon I’ll be too busy nursing his little brother to cuddle every morning while he watches Elmo’s World. And as much as I’m looking forward to meeting little M, it breaks my heart that I’ll lose the time where it has just been me and the Boobah. I will miss this, even as I anticipate all the good to come.

Sometimes I miss this

Stories like this make me miss writing for Simply Dumb (snarking about the strange and stupid things that hit the news). Although, maybe this one is just too darn easy:

Man hits license center after taking driver’s test

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Dreaming of Our Ultimate Family Vacation

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A lot of people, when they think of vacation, do not think of visiting family. For them, a vacation is getting away and doing something different. When I was a kid, all of our vacation time was spent going to see grandparents. And it turns out that as an adult, my vacation time is still allotted to family.

I’m okay with that.

I look forward to – and dream about – going home for Christmas. Nothing fancy, really. But since we don’t live close to our parents, it’s something to look toward to and anticipate every year. We don’t do exotic things or over-schedule ourselves with every tourist attraction imaginable. We just… relax.

And it’s liberating. No worries about work schedules. No obligations to be anywhere or do anything. Just the chance to decompress and enjoy family.

Sometimes I think about where we’d travel and what we’d do if we had unlimited funds. Ireland. Scotland. England. Italy. Spain. France. I’d love to do our own little photo tour of Europe, taking as much time as we needed to explore the photographic and culinary opportunities in a variety of places. But while our kids are little, I’m happy to spend that time letting them get to know their grandparents.

Someday… maybe. Right now? Family time IS my ultimate family vacation. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

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