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30 Journals 30 Days

I’ve been reading Connie’s 30 Journals 30 Days series over at Dirty Footprints Studio. I have to tell you how much I have been loving the look into other peoples’ art journals. So much inspiration to be had!

Today is the day that others can join up in the project. We were asked to answer a few questions and link up. So here it goes!

How long have you been Art Journaling?

I’ve been doing this for about a year. It started when I took an e-course offered by Teresa McFayden. I had no idea what it was about, but it sounded fun. Soon I found other artists and techniques and I was hooked! I still have a long way to go in order to really find my own style. But I’m experimenting and playing — and I love it!

Journal of Interest

How has Art Journaling impacted, changed, or enhanced your life?

I feel so much more creative since I started journaling. I look at things in a new light. I try to find a way to reuse papers and interesting bits of things I come across. I used to fill up journal after journal with just words. But I’m finding so much more fun when I put down a little color or some collage elements. So much more interesting than just a page filled with scribbles.

Journal of Interest - more inspiration

What are some of your favorite Art Journaling materials to use?

Still learning here, too. Definitely use a lot of craft paints, but I really want to move up to Golden. The paints I’ve been using don’t do well with most of the pens I want to use. I like watercolors, all kinds of papers (right now I mostly have scrapbook paper that I tear up & use), rub ons, and lots of found elements. One of my favorites right now is a big Bloomies ad that came in the mail. I’m gessoing over the pages and using them as my base for a completely different book and look. I love it. Also? Water-based paint Sharpies. I can’t believe they discontinued – so great for writing!

I started with Liquitex clear gesso but have moved to Golden gesso. I love it so much better – it’s way smoother than the Liquitex and much easier to apply elements over.

I want to eventually try nicer paints and some Pan Pastels – I hear such great things about them!

Remains of the Day journal

Who are some of your favorite Art Journalers?

I discover new ones nearly every day! But so far:

Teresa McFayden
Teesha Moore (I love her YouTube videos – so helpful!)
Sabrina Ward Harrison
Pam Garrison
Judy Wise
Diana Trout
Mary Ann Moss
and there are so many more on YouTube with terrific videos that I love!


What kind of words of encouragement would you say to an Art Journal newbie?

Well, I still feel like a newbie myself. Keep looking around for inspiration. If you hate a page you made, let it sit for a while and come back to it. I had a page where I played with watercolor crayons. I loved the colors, but hated the shapes and designs I made. It sat & stared at me for days. I finally just turned the page away to start on something else. I’ll come back to it later and see what I want to do with it. You can always cover something up. Or tear it out and use pieces of it in another work. Just keep plugging away.

Remains of the Day journal

Where can we contact you… give us some link LOVE!!

I blog at – I’m working on taking pics of my work and featuring more of it there. I have posted in the past on my Flickr page (but not recently – I need to get back to that!).


My Scrappy Journal from Becky S. on Vimeo.

Short Bio.

I’m a writer and editor and have been blogging since about 2003. I live in San Diego with my husband and son (soon to be two sons!). I’ve written journals as long as I can remember, but never considered myself an artist. Only recently have I learned to love combining images and words – and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner! I’m still a bit of a dabbler, but am trying to incorporate more art and creativity in my everyday life.

The boy & me

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Oh, how sadly mistaken I was

At 36, I’m of “advanced maternal age.” That places me in a high-risk category in and of itself. Oh, and last time I had diabetes and preeclampsia. More high-risk factors. I’ve had a really hard time coming to terms with the fact that I just can’t control what my body does at this point. What I wouldn’t give for a normal, uneventful pregnancy.

This time around, my body is even more insulin-resistant than it was previously. Diet? Exercise? Not enough. I feel frustrated. What I’m doing should work, right? It’s not.

I have weekly appointments with a dietician to check my food, my blood sugar numbers, and just to make sure everything’s going the way it should. Today was my first appointment. Since it’s mid-morning, I have to take my son with me. I thought that wouldn’t be a big deal. He’d play with his cars while I talk to the dietician. WRONG. Oh, how sadly mistaken I was.

When I got to the office, I was so happy to see 20 minute parking available. Hey, things are going my way. Woohoo! I thought. We went upstairs and checked in. My son was fascinated by the fishbowl at the check-in desk. It was still early enough that I thought we’d be fine. It’s a good two hours or more until naptime!

As soon as they called me back, all hell broke loose. My son fuh-reaked out. He didn’t want to go into the tiny office they had for consultations. Literally would not go through the door. He started crying. I tried to give him some of his cars, which always worked before. His milk. My phone. He wanted NONE OF IT. But I had to do this appointment. So I’m kneeling in the doorway, trying to calm him down while talking to the dietician about my food diary.

We basically had to talk over him. Oh, did I mention that this is back in the offices, where other people are trying to work? Here’s my screaming child, throwing a tantrum in the hallway and there’s nothing I can do about it. I tried everything to calm him down, but he only worked himself up even more.

Between that and having to increase my meds AGAIN, I felt like such a failure. As we left, he was still crying and throwing a fit. So much so that I had to THROW HIM OVER MY SHOULDER to get him in the elevator (he doesn’t much like elevators on a good day). I have never been so mortified in my life.

I managed to make it to the car before I broke down. Sobbing, I called my husband to let him know what had happened. I don’t know how we’ll manage more of these appointments. Whether it means trying to find an alternate time or just taking him all the way to daddy at work for a half hour while I do my appointment. (Which adds a lot more time, mileage, and gas to the equation.)

I don’t know whether he’s finally hitting the terrible twos, or just getting a start on three. But man, if he’d started this crap any sooner I’m pretty certain he would NOT have a sibling on the way anytime soon. Or maybe ever.

(Let me note how much I love my son. I adore him. He is the sweetest, most loving kid. Really. He has never acted this way when I’ve had to take him somewhere. Ever. So I was totally unprepared. And I’m still not sure what we’ll do in the future to stop this behavior. I just felt like the most incompetent mother in the world today. I’m sure there will be more rounds of it in the future, especially when there are two to deal with.)

Giveaway: A month of free yoga in La Jolla

La Jolla Yoga Center - free month

Have you heard of BuyWithMe yet? Why haven’t you joined? Get great volume deals through local businesses. Food. Fun. YOGA. Yes, yoga.

Right now you can get a month of unlimited yoga through La Jolla Yoga Center. And guess what? I HAVE ONE TO GIVE AWAY.

That’s right – if you want to try out a month’s worth of yoga classes, enter this giveaway. You’ll get a voucher through BuyWithMe San Diego good for a month’s classes. (That’s $160 value!) The only caveat is that you need to take your first class by September 19th.

Here’s the great thing, for me at least. They offer prenatal yoga! That’s what caught my eye and I knew I had to check it out.

Details from BuyWithMe:

There’s nothing like downward dog to ease your stresses and heal your woes. Yet there’s no denying that some yoga studios simply fall flat. Thankfully, La Jolla Yoga Center is not one of them. Earning 5 stars on yelp, this serene spot is, in the words of one satisfied yogi, “easily the finest studio south of Santa Monica.”

Check it out for less with today’s deal: $59 for one month of unlimited yoga classes at La Jolla Yoga Center ($160 value).

The crème de la crème of yoga studios, La Jolla Yoga Center has three studios, at least 80 classes per week, and over thirty highly-trained and inspirational instructors. Located right near the beach, the relaxing and pure spot attracts some of the best yogis in the country to teach and learn from its truly unique assortment of classes. And now you can join them!

With your monthly pass, you can choose from all classes offered. Relax with a soothing class such as Yin, Restorative, and Hatha. Develop your core power with Power Yoga, Vinyasa and Pilates. Perfect your posture with Anusara, Iyengar and Healthy Back. Truly, truly has it all, even small classes for True Beginners that make it totally non-intimidating for newbies to give it a try. Don’t forget, your first class must be used by September 19th, so go online to reserve a spot in advance, then head to the studio 10 minutes before your first class starts and check in at the front desk.

So grab a voucher for yourself and as many as you’d like for your yogi friends. Your stresses and woes will be gone … especially since your voucher also grants you 15% off the purchase of a future monthly membership. If you ever thought of doing yoga, this is the place, the time, and the teachers to do it with.

Now you’re excited, right? Want to win? Here’s how you do it:

  • Leave a comment below telling me why you’d like to try a yoga class. Looking for a new studio? New to yoga? Lapsed in your exercise and want to get back to it?
  • Follow me on twitter (@lolagoetz) & leave a separate comment noting so
  • Follow BuyWithMe on twitter (@BuyWithMeSD) & leave another comment for that
  • You can retweet my tweet about the giveaway, and just leave a link to your tweet in the comments.

That’s it! I hope it’s not too complicated. Join in! Don’t forget this would make a great gift for friends as well – you can buy a voucher and give it as a gift, too!
Contest ends at 11:59pm on Sunday night, July 25th. I’ll announce a winner on Monday!

Disclosure: In addition to giving away this package, I get to try it, too. But even without that, I would still be ecstatic to find a prenatal yoga class as I desperately need it!

And the winner is… comment #6. That’s Ali! Congrats! I’ll be forwarding the certificate to you.

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31DBBB – Day 2: Write a list post

So today we have some questions to answer & I’m going to post them here as well as at BlogFrog.

Question 1: Have you considered list posts as a way to create meaningful content in the past?

I think it can be useful, but I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a bit overdone.

Question 2: What do you like about reading and writing list posts?

I probably like reading them more than writing them. But what I like is when it’s more than just 1,2,3, but an actual explanation of the points. Substance is more important than a long list.

I did write a list post, but it is for another blog and it won’t be published until next month. So I do them for my professional writing, but not so much on my personal blog. (I reserve the right to change that, of course. Ha!)

Want to join us? Get a copy of the workbook by clicking here!

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31DBBB: Elevator pitch

I’m participating in the SITS community 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge. We’re working our way through Problogger Darren Rowse’s workbook of the same name.

Our first day’s challenge is to create an elevator pitch for our blog. I always stumble when someone asks me what my blog is about. Because, well, it’s about me. And my family. And whatever flights of fancy filter through my head.

How do you pitch that to readers? Or advertisers?

I’m a mom.

A writer.

A wife.

A woman.

As I try to balance all of those things, I’m still figuring out where the old me fits in with the new (mommy) me. So maybe that’s what this blog is about.

You see, I once thought I knew who I was, but that’s gotten lost in the diaper shuffle. Or maybe it got left under the dirty clothes. I might have left it under my desk since I work from home and don’t see a lot of adults at this point in time. Occasionally, but not that often. If it weren’t for Facebook and Twitter (and managing to get together in person with friends from there once in a while), I’m not sure if I’d have any adult interaction aside from hubby. And that’s a lot to ask of him. Can you imagine having to be someone’s all? Their everything? That’s quite a burden.

Maybe I should talk about that struggle a little more. Instead I keep it inside. I don’t know why. I’m sure so many moms can relate. For now, I think that’s going to be my elevator pitch. It may change later.

I’m a writer who’s trying to balance work and motherhood, while figuring out who I am beyond mommy.

What’s yours?

Free Acupuncture? Yes, please!

My friend Christina is currently giving away an acupuncture package from the Acupuncture Center of La Jolla, courtesy of BuyWithMe San Diego. So if you’re interested in trying to win, go over and leave her a comment.

If you’re interested in more fabulous deals and discounts, you should check out BuyWithMe – they have other cities besides San Diego!

I was not asked to write this post – I just wanted to help Christina promote her giveaway.

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Coming soon

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Meet me halfway

And suddenly, here we are at the (almost) halfway mark in this pregnancy. Tomorrow we find out whether this wee little one is going to make me more outnumbered, or even things back up a bit.

I am so excited about this appointment – I can’t wait to see if my instincts are correct.

Time has dragged on during these first few months of pregnancy. I’m not busy in the same way I was three years ago. At that point, I was working full-time, going to school full-time, and somehow trying to fit in lots of homework. I don’t even know how I made it through all of that. It’s all I can do right now to stay awake more than four hours at a time.

I think I’m actually looking forward to that energy boost that comes from nesting. I could use it right now.

I could talk about why I haven’t been around much, but it mostly involves a lot of whining about how hard this has been on my body, and how I’ve wasted any thoughts that might develop into a full post by busily twittering and facebooking. So.

Enough of that. Let’s see if I can find something interesting to complain about. I think I’ll have to get back to you on that. But I have done some cool things in the last month or so that I’ll try to dredge out of my brain and onto paper. Ooooh, doesn’t that sound exciting? Wait, where are you going?