A St. Patrick’s Day Blessing

One of my favorite all-time Irish blessings goes like this:

May those who love us,
love us;
and those who don’t love us,
may God turn their hearts;
and if He doesn’t turn their hearts,
may he turn their ankles
so we’ll know them by their limping.

I hope you have a blessed St. Patrick’s Day.

I, for one, am so grateful to my ancestors who came to the US during the potato famine to forge a new life. Their hardships and trials made way for great opportunities for me and my children. I only hope I can be as brave and strong in order to pave the way for even better lives for my future lineage.

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4 Responses
  1. Smalltown Mom (1 comments.) says:


    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you, too! (I’m here via San Diego Momma.)
    .-= Smalltown Mom´s last blog ..A Bit of Blarney for St. Patrick’s Day =-.

    • becky says:

      Oh! Welcome! I see you have several of the ladies I know on your blogroll. Are you local, too? If so, I hope we see you at one of the GNO or IRL events.

  2. San Diego Momma (8 comments.) says:

    I really thought that was going to be a “wind at my back” blessing…so the “limping” was a pleasant surprise.

    I’m twisted like that.:)