Gettin’ scrappy

So here’s what I’ve been doing with a lot of my time recently. I haven’t used my sewing machine in YEARS, but I finally dug it out, got it serviced, and am USING it. Of course, not for what you’d think. But still. Creating. Learning. Enjoying.

I’ve never made a scrappy journal like this before and I absolutely love it. I don’t think it’ll replace the art journals, but I can see how great this type of journal will be for vacations – collecting little tidbits and memories.

I so enjoyed making it. I hope you enjoy taking a peek. BTW, the video is kinda long. I couldn’t figure out how to make it shorter without skipping pages. And we couldn’t do that now, could we?

My Scrappy Journal from Becky S. on Vimeo.

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10 Responses
  1. Jett (1 comments.) says:

    I did enjoy it!

    What I love best about this, I think, is that you repurposed a lot of items that most people would see as ‘junk’ or ‘throwaway’. It’s what I try to do in my art: Take things that folks see as no longer useful and combine them in a way so as to be striking and/or functional. I have a lot of fun just letting my mind loose to ‘re-envision’ things.

    I hope you’re proud, because this came together to be something very lovely and –more important– very personal.

    We should swap some art sometime!

    • becky says:

      Thank you. It is so much fun to look at things in an entirely new light. I can see, though, how it could make me want to hoard way more than I should. So I’m trying to limit the space & once that’s full, I can’t keep anything else, no matter how cool. Unless I trade out.

      But the possibilities that have opened up to me are incredible. Right now I’ve only been doing journal stuff, but once I branch out into altered books, I think we should swap. I’m not quite there yet, but I hope to be.

      BTW, thank you for your encouragement. It really has been a big help.

  2. Christine says:

    Very cool!

  3. Jenn (1 comments.) says:

    Cool! I’m JUST learning to sew, but it looks like a fun thing to make!!!

    • becky says:

      It is. In fact, you don’t even really need to know a lot about sewing to do it. Just enough to be able to use your machine.

  4. laura(3wordTweets) (1 comments.) says:

    My darn slow “out in the boonies” internet! I’ve been trying to watch the vid of your cool project. This really looks wonderful and like something I’d really enjoy doing. I’ve marked it to look at it when I’m online at the library or a coffee shop. Keep at it Becky. Have some brie while you work.
    .-= laura(3wordTweets)´s last blog ..What inspires you? =-.

    • becky says:

      Yeah, sorry about that Laura. You definitely need a high speed line to watch it. It’s looooooong. But I think it’s something you might actually be interested in making.

  5. statia (3 comments.) says:

    This is such a cute idea.
    .-= statia´s last blog ..Like Sands Through the Hour Glass… =-.

    • becky says:

      I am totally using it to save my fav pics of the boy & writing down little memories of what he does. And hubby says I should do something like this for the boy – a little memory book. I think I’d like to combine some of this w/some of my art journal techniques. Would make for a really cool baby book, methinks.