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Book Review: Jesus Lives by Sarah Young

I recently took a look at a new devotional book, Jesus Lives by Sarah Young. This devotional is written as if Jesus is talking directly to you. The author includes Bible verses that support each devotional and they do fit right in with each theme. I even think she does a good job with her writing – it’s intimate, easy-to-read, and understandable….

The rest of this review is on my review blog.

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One sense of self-deprecating humor.


The motivation to write anything entertaining.


The will to continue writing.


Any belief that what I’m doing is in the least bit interesting to pretty much anyone except my husband and parents. And I’m not even sure my husband reads anymore.


The ability to care. I’m so tired of questioning myself about my site. Why can’t I connect with people via my blog? What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I be funny, or touching, or profound? Or… something.

I’m tired of questioning whether I’m any sort of writer (outside of business-y stuff) at all. I thought I was. Maybe I’m not. Maybe I never was.

There is actually such a thing as a free meal

Hey Southern California friends – want to win your entire Holiday Meal for free? Go and check out my review and giveaway from Golden Share Foods. Hurry, contest ends on December 4th!

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