I’ve been trying to look at everyday objects in a new way, as potential for art rather than just clutter or junk. It has to be a balance, though, because I can’t hang on to everything in hopes it’ll become useful later. And instead of wishing I hadn’t tossed something that I suddenly think I can use, I’m working to turn that energy elsewhere. What do I have in front of me right now that can be used instead?

I fight my natural clutterbug tendencies. I don’t want our stuff to own us. (And sometimes it really feels like it does.) Right now it feels like a balancing act between purging junk from our lives and keeping interesting objects for future use.

I really want to create right now. To find inspiration in my everyday life. I am not an artist. Yet I’m learning to create art. And it’s a really cool thing. Maybe I’ll be able to articulate it better once I learn a little more about how to make my own stuff (instead of just using inspiration from others). Regardless of where it goes, I’m learning a lot and really enjoying it.

And maybe I’ll actually finish a project and get to move on to the next one. :)

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