Please note: Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Me: [had a problem that required some expertise well above my abilities] i may be calling for backup.

Her: np

Her: happy to help if needed

Me: thanks. i figured i could call the calvary if needed.

Her: note to self: get horse

Me: hahahaha – you just reminded me of a “Bones” episode we saw last night [rerun] that involved role playing w/ men pretending to be horses. it was STRANGE.

Her: the longer i go without watching television, the more it confuses me

Me: dude. they were dressed up in fetish gear pretending to be horses. and the women were “trainers” or something. i’d never seen that episode before.

Her: i didn’t need to know any of that

Me: sometimes, in order to help with healing, you have to share these things.

Her: good save

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