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Stoopid sinuses

Since last month, I have been fighting with my sinuses. Every October, my allergies flare up. Which means my sinuses are constantly plugged. And that tends to lead to sinus infections. I’ve been lucky to avoid the major infections so far. But I’m still dealing with a lot of sinus headaches. Stuffiness. And when my allergies really flare up, I am so miserable that it’s hard to concentrate on much of anything.

I’ve decided to break down and get a neti pot. Although, I found a squirt bottle that does the same thing as a neti pot and includes the packets with salt and baking soda in them. I tried it once. I know I need to do it more than that, but I’m having a really hard time getting over the feeling of water in my sinus cavity. It just freaks me out.

I’m working on that. If you have any other tips on how I can reduce inflammation (once they’re irritated, your sinuses tend to inflame easier) and clear things out, I’m all ears. Or nostrils.

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