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Oz: oldie but goodie

Tonight as we were flipping channels, we stumbled across The Wizard of Oz right after Dorothy lands in munchkin land. I haven’t watched that movie in a really long time. But we stopped for a little bit and just listened. To the dialogue. The music.

I remember watching this movie when I was a kid. It came on just once a year and it was a BIG DEAL when it came on. And for the longest time, I didn’t understand that it all stemmed from a bump to the head. I well and truly thought that Dorothy went on a crazy adventure in her house.

That’s the magic of childhood, isn’t it?

Remember the first time you saw it and the movie went from black and white to color? Wasn’t that incredible? It didn’t matter if you already had color television. The move to color added such magic to Oz. Color! Interestingness! Adventure!

And then the wicked witch came out. She scared me every time. So did the flying monkeys.

But now? I just look back at what an amazing movie it really is. (And wonder if anyone will ever attempt to big-budget remake it – I kinda hope not.)

It makes me want to see Wicked again, too. This time without the migraine headache.

Was The Wizard of Oz a big part of your childhood? Do you still enjoy watching it?

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