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My best friend is a granola-eating hippie

Okay, not really, but she’ll see that title on Facebook and I’m just trying to bait her. We went shopping tonight and were looking at some shoes and joking around. She works in the northwest and it’s possible she might be turning a little granola. ;)

We like to tease each other.

Let me step back a little. Not too long after I started dating J, I met one of his neighbors. Who was his ex-girlfriend’s best friend, and still really good friends with him. And when we met, the two of them talked about a lot of things and people, of which I didn’t really know a lot yet. It was still pretty early in our relationship. So I did what I do in any new situation like that. I sit back and listen. Observe. Maybe it’s the writer in me, or maybe it’s just my nature to hold back until I learn the lay of things and know where I might fit in.

Here we are, over ten years later. Said friend became a very close friend of mine. My BFF. Seriously, this woman got me through some rough times. We did everything together. Shopping. Going out to breakfast on the weekends. Coffee. Bookstore. It didn’t matter. We just had a good time doing it.

Recently she got a job transfer. Moved away. I hate her.

Okay, not really. But you knew that.

Tonight, though, she is in town. We went to Whole Foods and then Marshall’s. Livin’ la vida loca! But it was fun. Just like old times. Only with the kid in tow. It was nice. I need more evenings like that.

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