Want free wifi at Starbucks? Here’s how you do it!

ETA: Since I wrote this post, Starbucks has added free wi-fi to all of their stores. You don’t even need the gift card to access it! But you can still register your gift card to get some extra perks, like coupons and promos.

Sometimes you just need to get away from your desk. You have a lot of work, too many interruptions, and you just need a change of scenery. As a mobile worker, I have the flexibility to work from just about anywhere. I’ve looked all over for the best wifi spots, but they are so expensive! Paying for multiple accounts that you only use occasionally cuts into your bottom line. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like paying for anything that I don’t use regularly.

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We all know that Starbucks has wifi capabilities. But you need an account with their provider. Unless you have AT&T service at home, you have to pay to access their wireless spots at the coffee shop. Whether you pay for a single day’s access or by the month, it gets expensive. Unless you know the secret to getting up to two free hours of wifi! Yes, it’s free and no, you’re not doing anything untoward to get it. The last time I asked about free wifi at a local Starbucks, the person at the register didn’t know a thing about it. But I knew I had read something a while ago and I decided to find out.

Do you have a Starbucks gift card? They’re free. You should get one. And here’s why.

Put a few bucks on the card. You only need to use it once a month. Plus, if you’re working at one of their shops, you’re probably already buying something to drink or eat anyway, right? So just load that money on the card and use it instead.

Now you can qualify for free wifi access. Go to starbucks.com. Then choose the starbucks card link (or just go there directly). Then click on the “Register Your Card” link (or, again, go straight there). Enter the card number and security code as asked.

You’ll create a starbucks.com account. And when it asks you if you want to register for free wifi, say yes! You’ll also set up an AT&T account that allows you to log in at any starbucks shop that uses AT&T wifi. After you set up the account, all you have to do is connect to the wireless where you are, open your browser, and enter your login information. Voila! Free wifi for two hours. And all you had to do was register a free rewards card! Additionally, your card balance is protected if the card is lost or stolen. And you can add funds online if you’d like.

Going somewhere like a coffee shop and working has helped me when I needed to concentrate but just couldn’t get it done at my home office. Or when traveling (hotel access is so expensive). Having a couple of hours of free wifi helps keep me more mobile without spending a lot of money on a broadband card (which I have also done).

I love how easy this is, and wish Starbucks would let more people know about it. When they first rolled out the program, they had flyers in the store. Now it’s hard to find info unless you know where to look. And now you know! So go grab yourself a cuppa, pop in those headphones, and get to work.

(I was not paid in any way for this. I found all the info on my own and just wanted to share something that’s easy to do and helps me out when I need to work somewhere other than my house. Cross-posted to my other site.)

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