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This Sushi’s on a Roll

I didn’t try sushi until I moved to San Diego about 12 years ago. Okay, so I’d had California Rolls, but I don’t really consider that very close to “real” sushi. But a friend took me out to try sushi and had me try just about every type of sushi you can find. And I loved it. All of it. (Even mackerel. Shhhhh.) I’ve been eating sushi (and sashimi) ever since.


When I got pregnant with the Boobah, it wasn’t the coffee or wine restrictions that got me. It was sushi. My husband’s a fisherman. A lot of our friends are fisherman. We have fish all the time. Good fish. Sashimi-quality fish. And a large portion of my pregnancy occurred during tuna season. Prime sushi eating time. Seeing all of that wonderful tuna pass me by was torture. I got over it. Eventually. I may or may not have pouted just a little bit. What?


A few days ago we got tickets to go to a fundraiser for a friend’s soccer team. It was a small affair, mostly people from J’s office. We didn’t know what to expect, but we did know it was for all-you-can-eat sushi. Aw yeah, count me in. The address wasn’t familiar, but we knew a bunch of fishermen weren’t going to go and eat bad sushi. And we were totally right.


The sushi was friggin’ awesome.


We went to Sushi on a Roll. It has a small storefront and it’s easy to miss if you’re not looking closely. But, oh, do you want to look closely. Trust me. The owner, Jeff Roberto, was named 2009 Chef of the Year by Chef de Cuisine. He was so nice and personable. And his place is great.


Sushi on a Roll isn’t a typical sushi restaurant – they only cater. But his facility is set up to host private parties. It features a circular sushi bar, with a center spot for the sushi chef. There’s a big screen in the corner where you can watch movies or play video games. And it’s BYOB, so you can drink what you like and not worry about paying outrageous corking fees.


It was a lot of fun. A great night out with friends. Awesome food. If someone you know mentions inviting you to this place for a party or for sushi-making classes, do NOT pass it up. Because if you do, you’ll hear about how awesome and amazing the food was and you’ll kick yourself for not going.


I’m already wondering how we can get a party together to go again. It’s that good.