It’s a weighty issue

Okay, mothers. I’m a little miffed at you.

You and your secrets. Oh yeah, you tried to help me by telling me a few secrets here and there, things you swore no one talked about. The underbelly of motherhood. Things to watch for, things to help me keep my sanity.

But not one of you mentioned this. And I think I’m holding just a little bit of a grudge.

I heard that my body would change after childbirth. Of course it does! Things rearrange, get a little softer, a little saggier.

But not one of you told me how differently I would gain weight after having the Boobah. Are you feeling guilty yet? Well, doggone it, you should!

First, I had no idea it would be so freakin’ easy to gain weight. I lost weight pretty rapidly after the baby was born, and even kept it off for a while. But gradually, insidiously, it snuck back. All of it. And then some. I weigh as much as I did when I was 9 months pregnant. Heck, I probably look pregnant.

I am not happy about this.

Yet this is the worst part for me. It’s where I gain weight. I used to gain it low, in my abdomen. Now, it’s my abdomen, lower, higher, on the sides, on my back. THIS IS NOT FAIR. The weight is uncomfortable. It throws me off kilter. Makes me tired. Cranky. Unattractive.

Part of it is my activity level. And eating habits. I know that. But it is so much harder to motivate myself when I’m so stinking tired all of the time! Oh, and I hate to run. Hate it. I’m happy for you if you like it. It’s just not my thing. Not my bag, baby.

Walking, though, I can handle. So I am. I walked for 50 minutes today, and I’m going to try to do at least half that as often as possible. Because my back can’t handle the extra weight. My knees. And my eyes, when I look in the mirror.

And you moms are on notice. If there’s anything else you’ve neglected to share, you better spill now. Because this weight makes me cranky, too. And you won’t like me when I’m cranky.

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9 Responses
  1. jennster (9 comments.) says:

    hi! you’ll gain weight just from LOOKING at food and it will take you a 100 years to lose it. and it sucks.

  2. debbie (3 comments.) says:

    I think for me it has been more of an age thing and less of a motherhood thing. Either way, it sucks!

  3. Kmommy (1 comments.) says:

    Thank you for your visit and advice! I wish I could offer you some here! ;) I gained about 60 lbs with my first and only lost about 30 before I got pregnant with #2, and then got back down to where I was before the 2nd pregnancy… but I’m certain I will never see those size 5s again! Losing weight is very tough!!!

  4. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah (6 comments.) says:

    How about you also won’t have time to exercise.

    Or sleep.

    Or eat healthy.

    See why we don’t tell you these things? They are depressing.

    Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah´s last blog post..Does Gang Rape Make YOU Want to Buy Shoes?

  5. Laura Lohr (3 comments.) says:

    What’s worse, is the girls that shrink right back to their pre-pregnancy perfect little bodies and don’t share their secrets. The skinny little bitches. Ugh.

  6. becky says:

    @jennster – yeah, it’s hanging around a lot longer now. ugh.

    @debbie – it’s a lethal combination. the body changes after baby and hitting 35.

    @kmommy – the unfortunate thing is, i lost the weight after baby. i just gained it all back!

    @sarah – yes to all of the above!

    @laura – LOL!

  7. Ana (2 comments.) says:

    Yup. I lost the weight and gained most of it back, in odd areas of course. Hubby and I will be trying the 30 shred, cause I have to shred this weight off.

    Ana´s last blog post..Never ending cycle

  8. becky says:

    @ana – i’ve been hearing so much about the 30 day shred. i’m trying to do some yoga, but i also need something more active to get this weight off! i do hear good things about the program. i’ll be watching to see how it goes for you!

  9. Walking In My Sleep (2 comments.) says:

    I so hear you. And, even nine years later, it’s a dilemma.