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Oops… now where was I?

I had some ideas for writing. Some cute or funny things about the kid. Or maybe me. Something. I think.

But mommy brain has struck again and I can’t remember what it was I wanted to tell you. Or write for posterity. Or just vent. I think it was one of those. Not sure which. Maybe all?

Unless I write things down I can’t remember a darn thing right now. It’s so freakin’ irritating. I swear I’d forget the kid if… no, that’s a lie. He’s about the only thing I won’t forget.

I won’t forget him because I’ve read and written about too many kids being left in the car and it terrifies me. So I’m constantly checking him, making sure he’s where he should be.

Maybe that’s the problem. I’m so busy remembering where the kid is, what he needs, what’s next for him that I forget me. I forget what I was supposed to do. Or say. Or write.

I thought it would get better after a year. The memory. The forgetting things. I was so, so wrong. *sigh*