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eco-friendly light bulbs – great price

Hubby and I stopped by Goodwill recently to see if they had any cool kid toys for a reasonable price. It’s a drop-off center so we figured they would have tons of goodies. They did, but it was mostly clothing and a bit of glassware (plates, glasses, vases, you name it).

But they did have one killer deal: light bulbs. What? Packages of two compact florescent lights, plus a bonus miniature night light. The local electric company, SDGE, sponsored an instant rebate. The final cost? 99 cents. Yes, 99 cents for the equivalent of 100 watt bulbs. We bought 5 packs and now I wish we’d gotten more.

Although I’m not so sure about all of the plastic packaging for all of those bulbs, it was a good deal. Even cheaper than Costco’s bulbs. I don’t know if other areas are doing something similar, or just SDGE. But I think we’ll be going back so we can stock up. Know of any better deals than that?

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