Trying to do better

I actually took a nap today. I know! A real nap! The baby has been going to bed super-early. He’s still on daylight savings time. So after we finally got him to stay down, I crashed out for a while.

And then my dad called.

Oh well. I needed to get back up anyway. I did get an hour or two, which makes a huge difference.

The baby was funny today. Lots of laughter and silliness. And then a meltdown. It was fun while it lasted. :) Short post tonight as I try to get to bed at a decent hour again. Yes, I’m trying to do better and stay on track.

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5 Responses
  1. Christine (6 comments.) says:

    Go you! When you have enough sleep, you can more easily handle the meltdowns and other curve balls the baby will throw at you. Hang in there!

    Christine’s last blog post..I Voted!

  2. Kate (1 comments.) says:

    That’s great you got so much sleep! I’m a terrible napper, would rather sleep a long 12 hours instead… maybe one day when the kids are grown up!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I’m behind with “thank yous” to new visitors. Good luck with nablopomo!

  3. Beth - total mom haircut (1 comments.) says:

    A nap? Oh, how wonderful. I tried to hint to Hubby that I wanted a nap today but he really wasn’t picking up what I was putting down.

    And isn’t that always the way? It’s like if the kids are having a great time and being fun, you can be SURE a huge meltdown will follow abruptly:)

  4. Melissa (1 comments.) says:

    Ever since daylight savings I have been having a hard time getting older daughter to go for a nap and go to bed.

  5. becky says:

    @Christine – And last night, bedtime was even earlier. I think I’m getting back to normal. Well, as normal as I can.

    @Kate – Naps are my saving grace at times. I’d love to sleep for 8 hours, but it rarely happens. Thankfully, I can nap just about anywhere. When I was pregnant, I would close my office door and snooze on my desk during lunch.

    @Beth – Heh, I gave up hinting. It doesn’t work.

    @Melissa – Me, too. I’m hoping he adjusts soon.