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Enjoy the little things

Today I’m trying to just enjoy the little things:

* I put some pomegranate juice in my last batch of iced tea. It takes a little more sugar than normal, but MAN is it good.

* Took a walk with the kid earlier this week. He fell asleep during the walk, I got a little time for coffee. We stopped by the park afterwards and played on the swings. His laughter was infectious.

* Pecan pie.

* Leftover halloween candy.

* A call from a friend whose son is 10 wks 3 days younger than ours. We made plans to get together next week. By the way, she’s 9 wks 2 days younger than I. We think that’s a pretty cool coincidence.

* The helpfulness of my husband. And his backrubs. Mmmmm.

* Getting the chance to watch my son’s developments, even as some things annoy me, because this time won’t last long. I’m hoping the whining is temporary. But I pray his laugh is always easy to come by.

* Remembering that I’m in the situation I chose and that it’s fleeting. And being grateful for getting to choose.

What little things are you enjoying right now?

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