Eleven months – already?

Dear Boobah,

Here we are at 11 months, just as mama turns 35. She really wanted to have a baby before 35, and we just made it. For whatever reason, this is a harder birthday for mama, much harder than 25 or 30. She thinks it feels too close to 40, and her time for making a decision about your siblings is quickly running out. She’s not sure how she feels about that. She and daddy are talking, but having you was pretty rough on mama’s health and daddy’s not sure he wants mama to risk her health again.

Don’t worry, baby, you were totally worth it and mama wouldn’t change a thing. Except the gestational diabetes. She would’ve preferred not to deal with that part. But she did, for you.

And here you are, so close to a year old. Mama can’t believe how quickly we got here. You are growing and developing like crazy. Lots of babbling, although no real discernable words. You say ‘dada’ ‘guhguh’ ‘mama’ and even something that sounds like ‘woah’ – but none of them have any meaning that we can tell. You’re still working on adding a variety of sounds. That’s okay – your speech is developing and it’s possible that mama just isn’t realizing that you associate those sounds or words with people or objects.

In the meantime, you’re crawling all over and getting faster by the day. You can pull yourself up onto your knees, and can stand when we prop you up and let you hold onto a table, your playpen, the couch, or our legs. You climb all over us when we hold you, and are rarely still.

You like to play peek-a-boo with the curtains, hiding your face behind the cloth and then pulling it away to see whomever you’re playing with. You’ll do it over and over again, and laugh up a storm when daddy acts surprised to see you each time.

You weren’t sure about milk at first, but you’ve decided you like it quite a bit – almost more than some of your solid food. Mama knows it’s a month early, but since you decided nursing was over, and you’d already had some milk in some of your food with no problems, it seemed fine. Both mama and daddy were on milk pretty early with no ill effects (and none in the extended family), so you’ll be okay.

You’ve had spaghetti, masala, enchiladas, and fried rice. You seem to enjoy grandma’s enchiladas the most, with potatoes and bread coming in just behind or maybe even ahead. You’ll eat any type of bread you can get your hands on, still trying to stuff as much into your mouth as you can. Mama thinks you’re trying to stop her heart when you do that, so she hopes you learn to moderate that just a little.

You are such a happy baby, giving out smiles and giggles with abandon. Mama and daddy make all kinds of faces and noises just to hear that laugh. Please don’t ever withhold that laugh. The problems of the day melt away when we hear it.

But you’re also starting to show a little bit of a temper. If we take you away from a toy that you were enjoying, you don’t hesitate to let us know with a loud, angry cry. That mad cry is very different from your hungry, wet, or hurt cry. You also use it in the bath when you don’t like getting your head rinsed off, or afterwards when we try to dry and dress you.

Over all, you’re an easygoing little guy. We are so lucky to have you. Remind us of that when you’re 15 and a brat, okay?

The last 11 months have been a total whirlwind. Mama’s still getting the hang of things. She’s learning with you, so go easy on her, okay? And next month, we might go for a little chocolate cake, or maybe some cookies for your birthday. Mama has a feeling you’ll really like that.

All my love,


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6 Responses
  1. Christie-A Work In Progress (1 comments.) says:

    I had no idea where to leave a comment because you have so many wonderful blogs! Thanks for stopping by my blog… Happy Birthday! This was a lovely post! My son is now 17 months… I feel your pain.

    Christie-A Work In Progress’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday (again): It’s Officially Open

  2. Julie @ the calm before the stork (13 comments.) says:

    Wow! We’re so on the same page! Cool!

    Julie @ the calm before the stork’s last blog post..the new joys of jumping and chatting

  3. becky says:

    And just yesterday, we are standing instead of kneeling. Oh boy, walking is coming soon!

  4. Becky says:

    Walking is the best! They get to get into everything they’ve begun getting into while crawling but without the dirty, roughed up knees.

    I hear what you’re saying about the siblings. My hubby and I were late bloomers and I turned 35 during my 1st pregnancy. I had the GD during my second. I really want a 3rd but I’m almost 39. Who am I kidding?! It is pretty amazing to watch my 2 together, and I think all the time about adding another dimension to their sibling relationship by going for it again. But then again, there are sooooo many reasons not to. I think we’re done.

    Wishing you the best with that decision. And happy almost 1 year of motherhood!

    Becky’s last blog post..Post Halloween Post

  5. becky says:

    Oh yeah, I have to vacuum all the time and it still doesn’t stop the knees from looking worn. Hubby really worries about how hard it was on me. I bounced back, mostly. Who knows how easy that will be next time? Thanks for stopping by. :)