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Quote from my wallet: ouch!

People are talking. About things like another Great Depression, the collapse of our economy, and not being able to buy a house right now. And the news from Wall Street didn’t help.

My dad and I were just talking about my retirement account a couple of days ago. About what I should do with it, whether I should borrow from it for a down payment when we’re ready to buy a house. I checked my balance, out of curiosity. It’s a relatively small balance in the scheme of things. But it’ll grow modestly until my retirement and then it’ll hopefully give us a few extra bucks.

I only go in once in a while and reshuffle the funds to get it more balanced. Other than that, I leave it alone. In just a matter of days it dropped $1500. Just like that. And let me tell you, that’s not an insignificant portion of what I have saved. But I will not pull it out and drop it into bonds right now. I will leave it alone and hope that things eventually recover somewhat. I still have the same number of shares in things and I just have to hope that it goes back up at some point.

And yes, all of this crap going on makes me worry even more about quitting my (very stable, reliable, steady income) job. I wonder how I’ll save any additional money towards retirement at this rate. Ugh. I hate thinking about it, but it needs to be done.

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