Childhood toys – I need your help!

Okay, I need some help here. I’m trying to locate a toy I used to play with as a child, but I have no idea who made it or what it was called.

I played with this little motorized toy. It was like a zoo, I think. It had a little tour bus that went around the track, and there was a giraffe with a bucket in his mouth that would move people from one place to another. I believe they would go down a slide when it dropped them off.

I was pretty young, so I just remember bits and pieces of it. I would love to find out who made it and what it was called. It seems like it was Fisher-Price like, but it may not have been by them. It did have a bunch of people characters. It may have been more like an amusement park than a zoo.

Ring a bell for anyone?

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  1. marty (1 comments.) says:

    Only a vague, unhelpful bell. I think there was one in my Sunday School class . . .

    marty’s last blog post..Music to His Ears

  2. becky says:

    Maybe someone will figure it out eventually. I would love to find it on ebay, but have no idea what to look for. Searches for zoo and amusement park didn’t return anything that I recognized.

    becky’s last blog post..Childhood toys – I need your help!