Making adjustments

Ah, summerI am officially a work-at-home mom. And that still seems weird to say. When people heard I would be leaving my job, they said, “That’s so cool that you can stay home with him!” Yes, but at a price. We can’t afford for me to just stay home. No way that is feasible. So I’m cobbling together clients and projects and things here-and-there in hopes it will keep us afloat.

It’s a big adjustment. I went from doing most of my work in the afternoons to needing them done in the morning. And I don’t think I’m managing it very well. Our routine has normally included the kid and I lying in bed for a while after he wakes up and eats, snoozing, playing, and being a bit quiet. I always had about an hour’s worth of work to do, which was no big deal. I did it while he went back to sleep.

After he wakes up, we go into the living room where he plays in his high chair while I fix some breakfast. And then I try to scarf down my food in between feeding him. That routine usually takes us as late as 10.30 or 11. Then I would work from 1.30 – 4.30, and again after he went to bed.

I still need to work after he goes to bed, but I have more work in the mornings now. And since it’s only been a few days I’m trying to adjust. It takes time for me to get in a new routine. I am very much a creature of habit. We’ll find a way to adjust to a new way of doing things, especially as he learns to feed himself a little more. He’s eating cheerios, cheese, and small pieces of toast.

In fact, he’s on to me. He wants what I’m eating, not that stuff from a jar. He gets so excited when we’re all eating together and he gets to sample what’s on our plates. Yesterday we ate at an Indian place. He tried my chicken tikka masala and flapped his arms in glee each time I gave him a bite (boy am I glad I brought a baby spoon with me!). He enjoyed the naan bread dipped in various dishes, and some crushed garbanzo beans. I don’t think I’ve found anything yet that he doesn’t like. It’s pretty cool to watch him discover new foods.

So we’re adjusting, the boy and I. I love being around him without a strict schedule to stick to. I’m hoping we’ll get to go do some cool things. I bought a wireless broadband card so I can work while I’m at mom & dad’s, but it will also make it possible to go to the park and let him play while I try to get a little work done. I really hope to find some sort of happy medium. I guess I’m impatient right now, expecting things to gel right away.

As it is, daddy will actually be home less now that he doesn’t have to rush home to care for the kid in the afternoons. My work is (now) mostly flexible enough to work around the kiddo. His isn’t. So I have to learn when it’s fine to just let the kid deal with playing by himself and when he really needs my attention. Yeah, it’s still a work in progress. Mommy guilt in full-force when he starts whining. *sigh*

We’ll manage. I’m sure of it. Eventually.

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4 Responses
  1. Julie @ the calm before the stork (13 comments.) says:

    I’m so with you on the guilt and trying to find balance working at home and being with my boy.

    I need to give Jonah more foods to try. Indian food, wow!

    Julie @ the calm before the stork’s last blog post..i believe in miracles

  2. becky says:

    We only recently started this, Julie, after I saw other people giving their younger kids the same food they were having. I wasn’t sure when to start it, but he definitely expressed interest in what we’re eating by staring at everything I put in my mouth.

    The Indian food was really mild, but he loved it. He flaps his arms and bounces when he’s enjoying his food. So cute!

  3. Skye (10 comments.) says:

    We can’t eat without giving him some anymore, even when we know he won’t like it.

    Skye’s last blog post..One Year

  4. becky says:

    Just yesterday he started refusing some foods. That’s the first time he’s decided he didn’t want something. And he gets ticked when I offer something pureed. So no more food like that at all. I’m really hoping he doesn’t suddenly hate mashed potatoes, when he loved them the last few times I offered. It changes daily. Crazy!