Final thoughts on BlogHer – and links!

I had a few awkward moments at BlogHer. Who hasn’t? I was a total dork when I went up to Linda Lee from Parent Dish, babbling about how I knew her face from somewhere and realizing that it was her pic from the site. She smiled and thanked me for coming up and saying hello, but I’m pretty sure I saw a little bit of fear of ‘teh crazy’ in her eyes. Awkward. Having one blogger introduce me to another by asking if we’d met before. Second blogger said, “No. Hi!” and walked away. Awkward. One other blogger asked two of us (standing near each other) if we knew each other. Second blogger: No. Me: Well, we’ve met at past BlogHers. Her: Well, we’ve met but… Awkward.

Is it possible to have a good and slightly bad experience at the same time? Most of the women were cool, fun to talk to, awesome to be around. A couple of people just simply walked away from me. All these years and I didn’t realize I was that boring. Wow. Or maybe something shiny distracted them? It happens. I’ve been known to lose track of my thoughts and forget what I was doing (oh lordy, what has happened to my brain since giving birth? I swear!). I really just want people to like me and (pretend) to be as excited to see me as I am to see them. And you know what? Some of my friends did just that. So I’m trying not to think about the ones that didn’t.

In some ways I feel like this was my worst BlogHer (not the worst, MY worst – there’s a difference). I felt distracted and disjointed. I didn’t connect with as many people as I wanted to, although I did talk to plenty. I felt I had to keep running to check on the child. And at the parties I just couldn’t get around. It was too crowded to navigate with a stroller. And yes, I felt I had to take the stroller. I didn’t think I could carry around a 25 pound baby all evening long. I desperately wanted to mix and mingle like I did in past years. But it just wasn’t possible. And this year, my mommy duties came first. It was the first year for me that I had to juggle stuff like that and I’m not at all sure I managed to do it gracefully.

I went to the Naked Blogging panel and while I wasn’t there for the whole thing, what I did see was awesome. I happened upon the back corner where Julie, Amy, and Catherine were. I was surprised at how emotional that session got. Wow.

I saw my blog on the screen at the opening breakfast. ElisaC asked me later if I saw it. Man, that woman remembers everyone, I swear! The second morning I had breakfast at the Sears Diner (I desparately needed some protein) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I got to take my boy with me, which would never happen at another con. But it was also a bit stressful, traveling alone with an 8 month old. I really needed child care in the evening way more than I did during the day. I will do things differently next year.

I didn’t get cards from everyone I ran into, but some people don’t really need cards, do they?

Skye – this woman saved me from insanity more than once. She helped me go up the hill with my suitcase & stroller; she checked on me throughout the weekend to see how I was doing dragging my Huge! Babeh! around everywhere. She is teh awesome and I pink puffy heart her.

Jenn – who does this woman NOT know? She has been so kind to me every year, always wonderful. She is a true sweetheart and I truly admire and love her. (Sorry you didn’t take pics – I wish you’d gone ahead and done that, girl!)

Rachel – I met her last year and promptly parked myself next to her, vowing never to leave. She is wickedly funny, adorable, and I totally pink puffy heart her, too. And she’s one of my freelance inspirations as well. (When are we going to set up that commune with our massage-therapist wife?) She also carried around ma babay at the CheeseburgHer partay.

Y – She’s been a bloggy friend/acquaintance for a few years now. Always sweet, always takes the time to stop and say hi and give me a hug. Read her, she’s damn funny.

Who else was I fortunate enough to run into? Busymom. Got to sit next to Whoorl, HeatherB, and Susan at one session. Kelly saw me hula hoop on the Wii and nicely didn’t take any embarrassing photos (I returned the favor by licking her at the CheeseburgHer party). I introduced myself to Maggie (another awkward moment? insisting that my son looks a bit like Hank and then taking my camera up to show her a picture to prove it – I am such a goofball)and Sarah Brown (who I’ve been reading since before she moved to New York), grabbed Alice and introduced myself (she said, Oh, I know you! Ha. Liar! But I love you anyway) I saw TaxGirl, but didn’t get to say hi, finally met Suebob and got to pose with the red stapler (woo!), Kristen (fellow b5er!), Catherine (I wish I’d stopped and introduced myself, I just cooed over her son in one of the sessions), Kristen, Julie, Cathy, Isabel, and Liz. Oh, and I met Anna Post and talked to her about writing. She gave me some books to review, which I look forward to.

There are probably more – it’s entirely possible I’m forgetting many people. I was so exhausted from running around and trying to do everything. I didn’t get to meet so many people who I wanted to say hello to. Heck, I didn’t even run into my roomie from last year until almost the end of the con! If I remember someone, I’ll come back and add them later. Or if you know you ran into me, let me know and I’ll post a link. Promise!

So here are the cards I got while I was at BlogHer…

Loralee (she should get lots of hugs; go and give them to her)
Debbie, Delicious Baby (she tried to help me find a car service w/a car seat; thank you!)
Karianna (third year in a row to see you, chica!)
Julie (her son is the cutest little guy and only 4 days younger than mine)
Lisa (i loved going to yoga and yes, i should work out more!)
Jennifer (fellow freelancer!)
Send Chocolate (cards with chocolate covered strawberries – yum)
Lori (cowboy’s wife – wish we’d gotten a chance to talk more)
Kellan (cutest cards ever)
Jenijen (adorable, sweet, amazing; love!)
Rita (editor extraordinaire – was so glad i ran into you)
Headless Mom (great card idea – headless barbie-type dolls)
Beth (met at newbie party – hope you had a blast)
Monica (Lady M!)
Mary (cool cards, lady; also? she was so cute)
Elizabeth (girl, you have come so far in the last three years)
Arianne (to think! awesome photog – thanks for taking a pic of rocco for me)
Kacey (life, uncorked – great tag line)
Celeste (awesome – card with a recipe on the back; brilliant)
Tricia (such a nice woman. srsly. she rescued me when i was trying to navigate with a stroller through the crowd at Macy’s.)

And there was one other woman at Macy’s, from Israel. Lovely woman. As soon as I find her card, I’ll link to her, too. I know she has a fertility site.

Rachel (from Israel, lovely woman and adorable baby)
Kat (met her at Ruby Skye)
Canape (also met at Ruby Skye. hi!)

I think/hope that’s everyone. If not, then I lost some cards along the way.

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4 Responses
  1. Skye (13 comments.) says:

    Aww, I pink puffy heart you too! Hangin’ with you and the little man was way fun. But yeah, ditch him next year so we can party more. :)

    Skye’s last blog post..Monday Morning Good Writing

  2. becky says:

    @skye – girl, I love the way you think. :D

  3. Julie @ the calm before the stork (13 comments.) says:

    Thanks Becky!!!

    It was so great to hang out with you. And your big guy is adorable!

    Julie @ the calm before the stork’s last blog post..sleep quotidien

  4. becky says:

    @julie – it was so fun to commiserate. I can’t believe our little guys were only 4 days apart. How often does that happen? :D